Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Please, sorry and thank you

Oh please, oh please, no more, I can't, I just can't...I'm sorry!  I'm so, so sorry, and I -


Thank you, Sarah!  Thank you for beating me!

Oh no, oh please, please Sarah, for pity's sake don't, I...


Three little words.  But so important, don't you think?

Consensual lobotomy
Fortunately, some important brain functions remain completely unharmed - the pain receptors, for example.

Simply beaten
No imagination.  You'd think she'd get bored with it after the thirtieth blow, the thirtieth desperate shriek, the thirtieth angry weal of brutalised flesh.  But no...

She looks so unhappy!  Dommes shouldn't be unhappy.  Still, they can always ensure they're not the unhappiest person in the room.

Domme willpower
Wow.  You could be getting a multiple orgasm here - more than once in one year, that is.

Big penis humiliation
It's a perfect match.  He likes eating food, but he's no good at cookery.  He likes to look smart but he hates ironing.  He gets quite moody, and sometimes you need a good kicking.  Made for each other.

Crush fetish right here right now
Later she bought the movie, but it was all a bit disappointing.  He was just one of quite a few actors in it.  There is one scene when you catch a glimpse of his face, screaming in terror, but it's only for a second or so, then a boot gets in the way and the screaming abruptly stops.  Later on, there's a longer shot of something being scraped into a waste disposal unit, and she thought that was probably him, but it was very hard to be sure.

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