Saturday, May 5, 2012

Evil leather-clad dominatrices

You know, I enjoyed typing that title so much, that I thought I had to have a post just about it.  But marriage creeps in here too, as I guess it always will.

She likes them bruised
Hmmm... Sounds like you'll shortly be sexually compatible!

Forced drinking
It's not the worst thing you've ever tasted is it?  Oh, is it?  OK, well something has to be.  Anyway, you don't want to keep her waiting.  No don't.

Shocking truth about femdom
Phew!  Lucky escape there.

Time to die
Possibly even less than three or four years - she can be quite moody, after all.

Marriage is an institution
I think that's rather sweet.  Just because the marriage is over, doesn't mean a couple should stay apart for ever.  I expect he thinks about her all the time.

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