Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mainstream media

I don't normally post about this sort of thing.  And it's not like a proper domme scene or anything.  But goodness me, I've just seen this film, Dark Shadows.

And this lady is in it:

Oh - and believe me, she (over) acts it as a villainness just as much as you might want.

Here she is talking to Johnny Depp:

And again... look at that smile:

She often wears red... and veeery high heels.

She's very rich, drives a red sportscar:

And...did I mention she's a witch?

So... let's bring it all together.  Look at the picture below.  Here she is talking to Johnny.  And she's about to do something very witchy.  And she is actually wearing red.  You just can't see the item of clothing at the moment.  But you will (if you see the movie, or if you wait a bit until the lawyers get tired of chasing pirated clips of it off YouTube).

I'll give you a clue. Her plan here is that Johnny should have a reminder of her, throughout the eternity in the coffin, unable to move, to which she intends to consign him.

It's not a bad movie.  I mean, it's all right.  It's not as good as other Burton/Depp movies.  Don't go seeing it because I've given you the impression it's a two hour femdom fest or anything.  I mean, obviously it's not.  Go if you want to see it.  Or if you're in love...

By co-incidence - well, not at all by coincidence if you think about it - I'd already featured and captioned an image of the actress, Eva Green, without even knowing her name.  (First item in this post)  I know her name now... and I can assure you, you'll be seeing a lot more of the divine Ms Green around here.

That's all for now.  Normal captioned service will be resumed shortly.

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