Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marriage is an institution, but who wants to live in a - oh, hang on, never mind.

All rather domestic this time.  Lovers of evil dominatrices in black leather...goodness I enjoyed typing that, let's go again... evil dominatrices in black leather, look elsewhere.  The very next post, frinstance.

Femdom travel and stay at home husband
Look on the positive side of things.  You and her mother have never got on - let's face it, she hates you.  This might be the time when you really get things sorted out.

Humiliated bridegroom
Just as long as it's not Nadine.  Oh please don't let it be Nadine...

Domestic chores and domestic discipline
Ah...recently married couples.  So sweet.

Slave husband no opinion
You've got hers, so why would you want your own?

Wormy little slave
It's a good point, and one she's made before. At the wedding reception, for a start.


  1. I've been very lazy and haven't commented for while. It's all great. I look forward to it every week.


  2. It's very good of you to comment at all. And to maintain your wonderful Following Blindly blog. The Look... it's all about The Look.