Friday, July 13, 2012

Naughty words

Just a brief, non-image post today, because -

OK, OK maybe just one image to make the links columns more attractive, here you are:

Hmm.  She looks rather cross, doesn't she?  Better hurry on past.
Anyway, what I wanted to say, was that this didn't start out primarily as a blog for captioned images.  I started it off to publish some stories I had written over the years, and then I tried my hand at a few captions (it only takes one hand, fortunately)...and nowadays it seems I do little else.  It takes so much longer to write a story than a caption, and the photos are lovely too, so I haven't written one for ages.

Increasingly I see links to this as a photo blog - which is great but it's not only that - so I thought I'd point out to newer readers that there are lot of stories in the early months (first half 2011).

Links to some below, then I'll probably post links to a few more some time.  Or you can just use the 'fiction' tag in the cloud over to the right there.

Air divine  Femdom airlines, basically.  Very much my kind of thing!  Written a long time ago, for my former Significant Other, a domme I adored. She claimed (rather sweetly I always thought) to find my stories and other writings amusing.  But with this one, I think she really meant it.

Chopped and changed Written specifically for this blog, stories featuring Serena tend to be rather extreme. The title's a bit of a clue too.

Tomorrow's World  This one is a parody of a 1970s British TV show about science.  So if you haven't seeen that, you won't get it.  Sorry.

Huge caption This actually started as a caption (regular readers will be wearily familiar with my attempts to fit text the length of a nineteenth century Russian novel onto the side of a picture).  But it just growed so I'm calling it a story.

Misappliance of Science An attempt at humour, as a party of bored schoolgirls are led around a huge science and manufacturing centre dedicated to - guess what - the enslavement and punition of males. Part 2 here.

Waiting  One of my very few serious stories.  A lot of you liked this.

More new endings Despite the title, this is a new ending for only one old tale: Cinderella.

Scenes  Little vignettes, which could almost be captions really.  Written a long time ago, for two ladies I knew.  Their names have been changed.  My own favourite story from this period is this one.  And it also gave me a chance to publish a picture of Raquel Welch (from the femdom episode of Mork and Mindy and if you don't believe me that there was one, you can ask Mr Youtube).

That's it for now.

Oh OK, just one more picture this time, then.  Isn't she lovely?


  1. You left off my favorite story:

    And then there was the wicked "Eight out of ten Mistresses say their slaves prefer it…"

  2. You're very kind, Ralph. Actually, I'm planning to have another post like this, maybe in a month or so. But I'd forgotten about "8 out of 10". Yes, I liked that one a lot too.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning the Raquel Welch femdom episode of Mork and Mindy! I had COMPLETELY forgotten about seeing that when I was a little kid. Now that I've seen the clip again, it's bringing back some... interesting memories haha! Very cool to remember something like this from my formative years!

  4.'s an older one that would nicely fit in ur 'firm hand' blog :)

  5. Keep up the good work... more use of the cane across their backsides and a trip back to school as a reminder is highly recommended for improving attentiveness and compliance. I look forward to seeing more!!

  6. Goodness, two comments from the superior gender, muddying their feet here in my little male hovel. Thank you both so much, Ma'ams.

    Ms Fonseca, thank you so much for the link. I read it a long time ago, and felt every word. Firmness and trust are both so critical. You were kind enough to visit and leave an encouraging comment in the first few days of this blog's existence, and it is such a thrill to see that you still check in here from time to time.

    Ms Meretseger, Ma'am, I shall as ever do my best. But I fear it might not be good enough. I spometimes feel I lack the self-discipline... can't think what to do about it.

  7. Oh - and Totaldiscord? As you are (I assume) male, I hope you don't mind being left until last. But yes indeed. In the days before Internet, for me the days even before video and certainly before being old enough to buy porn, the occasional found femdom moment was thrilling beyond belief. Two memories stand out: that Mork episode, and the Space 1999 episode ''Devil's Planet'. Very special.