Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Caller display

Do you remember we talked about keeping quiet during punishment?  And we practiced last time?
Right.  Well here’s the test.  You’re going to kneel on the stool over there, in front of the computer on that table.  You’re going to log onto your Skype account – no, not the NaughtyTrevor you use to contact me, your real one - and you’re going to Skype someone at work.
What is it you’re supposed to be doing today?  A conference, was it?  Right.  You can tell them all about the conference. What is it supposed to be about?  “Budgeting software”?  Good.
So who can you call at the office? 
Henry?  Oh, I don’t think so.  Any women?
“Tracy”?  Who’s Tracy?  Your secretary?  Is she?  Well, what an important person you must be, to have Tracy for your secretary.  I hope you’re always polite and respectful to her.  Maybe we can talk about that another time.
Right, so you’re going to call Tracy and tell her all about the conference on budgeting software.  And while you’re talking, I’ll be standing a bit to the side with the hairbrush.
And from time to time I’ll smack your bare bottom with it.  Every time I hear the word ‘conference’ or ‘presentation’ or ‘software’ or ‘budgeting’…let's see, or ‘office’ - from you or Tracy you’re getting a smack.  And sometimes you’ll get a smack anyway,  just because I feel like it.  Don’t worry – the mike doesn’t pick up sounds from far away.  But it will pick it up if you squeal, or grunt or anything like that, won’t it?  So you’d better be very calm while you’re spanked… just like we practiced.  Calmer, in fact.
Now, the call doesn’t end until I say so.  If Tracy starts to hang up, just change the subject or ask about something.  If it ends before I give permission, we’re going to do it again, only this time it’ll be your mother you’re calling and it’ll be the cane.
Oh - one more thing.  Somehow you have to work the word 'hairbrush' into the conversation?  You have to say it at least once, in a context that makes sense.  Got it?

What do you mean, what happens if you don't?  What usually happens if you disobey an order of mine?

That's right.

Now pull your trousers down, and get up on the stool. 

Good.  And log into Skype...

...and call Tracy.  I'm sure she will want to hear all about the interesting presentations <SMACK> at the conference <SMACK> on budgeting <SMACK> software <SMACK>. 

Oh dear.  I hope you're going to do better than that on the call.  Otherwise Tracy might - ah, it's ringing!

Come on Tracy...

...maybe she's away from her desk...? there anyone else, you can - ooop!

"Hello?  Oh, is that Trevor?  Wow - the picture's really clear.  How's the conference?"



The lady, of course, is the wonderful Cassie Hunter, a lady whose demeanor, look and personality together press more of my buttons than I can possibly count.  I can scarcely imagine anything that would excite me more than the thought of a session with her... but my pain limits are actually so feeble, I can't think of anything that would terrify me more than the reality of a session with her.  Perhaps one day I'll be bold - or reckless - enough to call....  In the meantime, though, there is her web site.


  1. Sounds like a fitting punishment -though Trevor is lucky he's not ordered ti skype in wearing a secreatary's outfit..)

  2. This is brilliant! Wife should fax a list of housework chores to Tracy, and ask her to give it to hubby. She could also loan hubby to Tracy to do her housework too. I would someone to post that fax message here.