Friday, August 30, 2013

Extra duty

Hey honey.  How are you?

Oh – yeah, well quite a day. You know we’ve got this terrorist suspect? Well, I was in charge of his interrogation this morning, and he broke completely – but he hadn’t done anything! I mean, I made quite sure. We had a full three-hour session, and he was screaming and begging and pleading for mercy, almost from the start. You know?  I'd already learnt everything before I even started on the second fingernail! He was completely innocent.  Of course, I had to do the rest, and the other stuff as usual - got to do it by the book!

Apparently he was only here because some ex-girlfriend of his was cross with him or something, so she tipped off the security police that he was plotting to bomb a bridge.  It's really silly, the way they'll just bring someone in for that sort of thing!  Such a waste of all of our time - and his life and career of course!  Apparently, he was some sort of computer programmer, and I don't suppose you can do that without fingers.  I think someone should have a word with that ex-girlfriend of his.

So I reported at lunchtime that he was innocent, and do you know, that silly old cow Colonel Travis wasn’t satisfied! Said she thought maybe the suspect was ‘holding out on me’ and maybe I needed to 'be a bit harder' on him. Ridiculous! I mean, I know when I’ve broken a man.

But anyway…orders are orders, so I had to go back and do a full afternoon session as well. You should have seen the look on the suspect’s face when I appeared at his cell door again! Shrieking in terror – frantically scrabbling at the walls to get away. He was desperately begging to be executed… especially when I said I wasn’t going to be as easy on him this time.  Poor thing.

Of course, I didn’t find out anything new. He confessed to everything in sight, of course, but it was just because he was so terrified. Especially when I started on his eyes - they always hate that.

Hmmm? Oh yes, he’s still alive. There’s not much left of him, of course. Anyway, Cow-nel Travis had gone when I finished, so I just left the report on her desk. If she has me go back and do him again in the morning I’m going to be so cross! Still – I left a few bits untouched, just in case I have to.

What?  No - not those bits!  Honestly, you men!  One track minds.  They came off early in the afternoon.  Shame - he was kind of cute.

Oh don't be ridiculous!  How can you be jealous?  Quite apart from the fact that there's not much of him left, I think he'd be too traumatised for the rest of his life even to speak to a woman, let alone -

Oh were you joking?  Sorry, honey.  I'm still just so keyed-up over having my professional judgement questioned like that.

Anyway…one of those irritating days. Grrr! 

How about we skip the movie, order a pizza and you can take away some of my tension…hmmm? 


  1. We need more like this

  2. I was squirming while reading this.

    1. Yes, it's a sad story isn't it? I mean, it must have been so frustrating for her. All so unnecessary. Oh well - tomorrow's another day.

  3. Its good for her to unwind and get the days cares off her chest. It's not like his cleaning the toilet or the sink would be of any interest to her so the conversation is going to be one sided. The suspect should not have made that woman and ex so its all his own fault. Any mistreatment he would have suffered at her hands would never be like that which he suffered at the interrogators hands.

    I am just glad though that these girls are there defending our freedom. Or defending our slavery much the same thing really.