Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I said "Tell me your name, is it Sweet?", she said "My boy, it's Dagger."

Oh yeah.

Girls with guns now
I think it's rather special that she dressed up for the occasion.

OWK safeword isnt
By the way - don't be fooled by that 'the last hour' into thinking this was some sort of brutal day-long beating!  No, no - it was only just over an hour.  He started screaming desperately for mercy just a few minutes into it, that's all, when he hit his limit, and then there was about an hour before she stopped.  I mean - they're not that cruel at OWK, for goodness' sake.
 Source is fairly obviously the Other World Kingdom, and this is the magnificant Madame Katarina.

Little lost slave
Maybe his Mistress will put up posters or something.  Maybe not.
 Source is the delightful Men are Slaves.  Yes.  Yes, we are.

Just for the hell of it
You never know.  Their victim might actually have been responsible for Amelia Earheart's disappearance.  Wouldn't that be something!  You see, lawyers always say that in court you should never ask a witness you don't know the answer to already, but torture's not like that.  You can just go where it takes you, you know?
The source for this is a song I don't like at all from a band I'd never heard of called White Flame.  The video's pretty good, if you turn the sound off, ignore the band members and just concentrate on the ladies above.

Pencil skirt - who needs a caption?
Somehow, I think you might get to know Debbie quite well.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ian. I like the avatar.


  2. Re Debbie: Perhaps he might tell the others, like Louis XVI "I thought it was a costume ball.."

    1. Oh very good - thank you.

      I think the casual "I changed my mind" is a line that might be appearing on a caption here some time fairly soon.

  3. For that inappropraite behaviour, I think you should make every Friday a special "dress up" day in the office, Servitor.

    I'm sure I could give the guards some useful Amekia information..)

    1. Actually the idea is to hold out under torture. She'd be ever so disappointed if you confess immediately and she has to stop. Go on - be a sport.