Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Number 17

No, it’s not part of a psychological game.  I really am a serial killer.  The dominatrix thing is just a trick.  You'll be my 17th victim.
You see, I used to have to go out and try to capture men…but that’s so difficult, and it’s risky too.  One time, one got away - he would have been number 4 - but I was lucky, he hadn’t seen my face. 
And then I discovered that if I advertise as “Cruel Carmina’s House of Bondage” men would come to me and let me tie them up.   And then I can do what I want, can't I?
They even pay.  Amazing, really!
More?  Oh don't worry about that.  The money's not important.  You can offer as much as you like and -
- how much? -
- wow, you must be rich!  Well, it would be nice to have that much money.  But I don't think so.  I'd still have the craving to do this, no matter how rich I was.  And anyway, if I let you go I think sooner or later I'd find myself in prison, don't you? 
So, I think it's better if your money just goes to whoever you've named as beneficiary in your will.  But thanks for offering.
That’s right.  You try those straps.  Give them a good pull.  You’ll find they’re quite strong.  I spent a fortune on bondage gear.
You can have a good struggle there, while I go and take all this leather and rubber shit off and put some proper clothes on, OK?  And get the plastic sheeting.
What’s that?  Someone will come looking for you?
Oh dear.  Should I be scared?  Because you told lots of people you were paying a visit to “Cruel Carmina’s House of Bondage” did you? 
I don't think so.  I’ll bet you even switched ‘location services’ off on your phone before you arrived, didn’t you?
Yes, of course you did.  No one knows you're here.  It's just you and me.  We're going to get to know each other quite well, over the next few days.
And then it'll just be me again.  All on my own.  To tidy up the mess.  And make an appointment for number 18.
See you in a minute.

For anyone considering visiting a professional domme for the first time - this is just a silly jokey fantasy, OK?  The first time I visited one, I was terrified and I left everything like credit cards that could identify me behind in case - oh, I don't know what.  And she was lovely, and just perfect and I quickly grew to trust her completely.  I've visited quite a few dommes and I have never found one to be other than completely professional, and understanding and safe.  Just go for it.
I do still switch off 'location services' of course.  But it's not my Mistress I'm worried about, there.  It's being found out.
The lady in the photos is from a photoshoot from Cruella...oooh, at least 25 years ago.  She haunted my adolescent fantasies, and still does.

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