Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A turning point - maybe


What?  No I’m not.  Well...maybe I am.  It’s complicated.  I mean, yes I am a model, but I haven’t gone by the name “Alison Lawson” for years.  I’m Ali Landry now.  I was Miss America – now I’m a - well, I'm a 'supermodel', I guess.  Sounds really fancy, but, you know - that's what the magazines call me.
Alison Lawson was just a stage name when I used to do these glamour shoots for fetish sites, before I really made it.  I was always a stern nanny type – spanking naughty boys, putting them in diapers, dressing them up in little girls' clothes and making them stand in the corner.  That kind of thing - not the harsh dominatrix in leather.  I had this kind of loving discipline image, I think.   It was a bit weird at first, but it paid the rent while I was building my portfolio with the fashion shoots.  The great thing about that kind of fetish is that you don't have to go naked - that can really kill a career in fashion modelling.

Strict old Alison Lawson.  God… that really takes me back. Anyway – always good to meet a fan. What’s your name?
Really?  No way!  You’re Emma’s fiancé!  Oh wow!  Well I’m Ali, aren’t I?  Her oldest friend.  She must have talked about me?

Yes, I thought so.  She’s told me everything about you!
Well…maybe not everything, come to think of it.  I think I might know something she doesn’t, hmm?

With apologies to the divine Ms Landry, who - to the eternal regret of perverts everywhere - almost certainly did not start her career modelling spanking shoots as a strict nanny called Alison Lawson.  I say 'almost certainly' because I will admit I have not actually checked.

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