Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Secret admirer


Oh darling, before we start playing – here’s something you’ll like.
You have a secret admirer!  No, really.  You know those photos of you tied to the bed that we posted to the blog, ages ago?  Well, there’s this woman – at least she claims to be a woman - who runs a blog where she posts captioned photos and stories and stuff.  And she’s used a lot of your pictures – oh, in at least 15 posts now.

It’s a bit different from our domestic discipline blog – much heavier and darker stuff.  Like castration, torture, snuff – that kind of thing.  She’s really clever, though - you wouldn’t believe some of the creative ways she has you killed, in some of the stories.  There’s one where you have your eyes pecked out by a trained crow, and then you die of starvation after being led into a pit by her voice.  And there’s another where you’re nailed to a board, and then she hangs it up on the wall and masturbates looking up at you dying.

Yeah, I know.  Well I did say it was quite dark, didn't I?  I don’t think I found a single story in which you managed to keep your balls by the end, for example.  It’s amazing how many different ways she knows to remove them.  The crow features in one of those too - she's photoshopped it into one of the pictures of you.  It's rather good, actually - you'd really think there was a bird between your legs.  She doesn't try to show any actual action, of course, that would just look fake.  But it's pretty menacing, especially once you know what happens in the rest of the story.

I'll give you the address and you can have a look for yourself.  It's called Boymeat, or something like that.

How did I find it?  Oh, I don't know.  Just playing around on the Internet.  There's so much weird stuff around, isn't there?

Anyway, someone out there thinks you're really sexy!  Pretty exciting, huh?  Maybe I should be jealous of her!

If it really is a her.
You ready now?  I thought we might try a little teasing tonight.

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