Friday, November 7, 2014

It's uncanny

I was using a thesaurus to look up synonyms for the word 'impotent' (I read somewhere it's not a good idea to repeat precisely the same language in successive lonely hearts ads), and I read the following:

  • helpless
  • inadequate
  • incapable
  • incompetent
  • ineffective
  • ineffectual
  • inept
  • paralyzed
  • powerless
  • sterile
  • unproductive
It's almost as if the thesaurus compilers had met me.  The power of words, eh?  But enough of that, let's turn to the power of dominant women, because that's what you came here for, right?

Everyone should have a hobby.  I have several.

I think that although 'the overall parameters' might originally have been consensual, it's probably not a good idea to try to renegotiate those now, either.
Oh dear.  I think this Chuck sounds a bit overbearing, don't you?  Maybe you should have a word.
It's silly to think she's denied you a last orgasm.  I mean, you had a last orgasm already, right?
It's good to do things together, as a family.


  1. Just when I think that even Servitor could not dream up a more humiliating caption, he comes up with an obviously very young step daughter supervising his very early bedtime. I'll bet Daddy wishes he'd been nicer to her.

    1. If you think that's humiliating, imagine being the one who thinks them up!

      Oh, I wish there were more scenes from this shoot. I'd caption them all! That is in fact a mother and (adult!) daughter, you know. Aren't they lovely?

  2. Love love love the caption about the last orgasm. We never know when that might be when the genitals we carry for our loved ones are under their control.

    And I think the Daughter is going to be so happy to continue the bedtime ritual that Her Mother performs. A cleansing and possible playing and edging of us and then back into chastity. Men are just grown boys and any daughter of enough years should stay up past our bed times. Early to bed early to rise makes a mans owner healthy wealthy and wise.


    1. Well, if you think about it there's always going to be a last orgasm isn't there? Going to have to face it sometime, so why not now? Or, indeed, why not three months ago?

      Early to bed, early to rise, chores before breakfast then spanked 'till he cries?

  3. This ritual should continue to the next generation as woman rules where else man obey and served.

    1. True, very true - but occasionally they rebel just a little. Just to make it more fun for both parties to the arrangement.

  4. Yes that would be a good maxim servitor.