Friday, December 5, 2014

Sexual harming

It's so good for me...
I think the correct answer is "No, Mistress"

Oh, I don't know.  Looks to me like it turned out pretty well.
 Image from the menareslaves site, like it says.  And that is the lovely Mistress Mina Thorne on the left there!  And on the right...errr... anyone?  She's lovely too of course, the beautiful Natalie Minx (with thanks to Mr Anonymous in the comments below).
A new departure for Contemplating the Divine.  Brutal treatment of submissive girls!  I can hardly bring myself to look.. the poor little thing.  She didn't deserve this.  I mean, he's got another seven fingers hasn't he?

I find in these conversations that at first she does most of the talking, but as it carries on I find myself becoming more and more vocal and emotional about it.
This is the wonderful Gigi Allens, from ClareSpanksMen.  She was featured here before, at length.

Or if you can't be brave, just let the restraints be brave for you.


  1. Mina Thorne and Natalie Minx

    1. Thank you! Corrected in the post above. Now... how to get this corrected in real life?

  2. Do you take requests? If so, could you do some captions involving Neuticles? They're silicon prosthetics used to replace the testicles of a male who's been castrated/"fixed" . . . they're purely cosmetic, but popular with owners who want to keep the "look" of an intact male.

    (And yes, this is a real product - normally, though, they're used for pets)

    1. I don't take requests. But I do gladly accept brilliant ideas; and then I steal them, rip them off shamelessly and take the credit. Watch this space.

      (but it might be a while, as I have a queue of posts, and a stock of about 400 unposted captions right now! Despite the summer clear-out (click on holiday snaps in the word cloud to the right there).