Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The price of selfishness

Well, maybe I didn’t want you to clean the kitchen, did you think about that?

If you’re left without orders all day, you should just stand in the corner waiting, shouldn’t you?  I was only out for eight hours. 

We can’t have you deciding to do things by yourself, just because you think they might please me.  Can we?

Can we?

That’s right.

That’s why we decided you wouldn’t have any money any more, isn’t it?  Because you were spending it all on silly presents for me.  It’s so much better now I can buy things I want.

You can say ‘Yes Maria’ at this point.

I’m not going to have this sort of selfish and self-indulgent behaviour any more.  It’s not your place to decide for yourself how to please me, is it?
Now on this occasion, it’s just possible that I forgot to tell you to clean the kitchen, and I did want it done.  But that’s not the point.  So now I want you to spend the next hour or so rubbing dirt from the rubbish bin all over the floor, and letting some old food congeal on the plates.  Then you can clean it again overnight.

Say thank you, Maria!

That’s better.


  1. Beautiful story. How i would love to be the sissy slave to a Woman like Her.

    1. Thank you. Oh, I don't know if you'd really like it in practice. I've heard she's not always that easygoing, you know.