Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just a short one for Anne

Oo-er sounds a bit rude!

Anyway, Servitor here, just wanted to mention that a few weeks back, I was having a discussion in the comments (actually, all the comments are written by me, in a pathetic bid to make the blog look popular, but that's another matter - this one was under my own name) and I said:
But then the consciously and obviously "femdom" movies generally are disappointing. Walk All Over Me had Tricia Helfer, but not for long.

I suspect the less consciously femdom things work better. Anne Hathaway gives femdom phone sex in a Russian accent in Valentines Day. But the swoon moment for me was when her vanilla character looks cross with her boyfriend right at the end of the movie. Ah well.
 And I just thought you'd like to see, so:


Don't you think?  Hmm?

Anyway, that's it for today.  No captioned images, so.... oh all right then.  Here's just one.

Oh, go on then, why not:

Right, that's it.  Now go away and leave me to contemplate the divine Anne in peace.


  1. That's the angry look she uses when her husband opens his mouth to say..well anything really.
    P S This is not you writing this.

    1. I think if she looked at me like that, I could open my mouth over and over again but no words would ever come out.

      PS It might be, though, mightn't it?

  2. My you have it bad. And you want it to get worse. Femsup

    1. Having it bad is good. And worse will be better still.