Friday, April 26, 2013


Another one that was just too long (ironically, enough, given the theme) for a caption.


…and I was thinking it would make things easier for both of us, you see?  Because I know how frustrated you get, locked up in that thing,  So if you only have half as many balls, you ‘ll probably only want to come half as often.  And it’s better for me too, because I won’t have to keep unlocking you every few months.
The penectomy?  Well that’s just cosmetic.  I just thought we could get you tidied up down there.   Make it a lot shorter.
Well, sure, I know I've always said it's too short already.  But I mean it is too short for penetration and stuff like that.  But you’re never going to need it for that again, so we might as well cut it back a bit. 
How much?  How much of what?
Oh, I see.  Well, as long as there’s enough there for you to grab on to when I unlock it, I suppose.  An inch…maybe a bit more?
No, not an inch off, silly.  An inch left.
Well, that’s why I’m talking to you about it.  Our contract’s very clear that I can’t have you castrated without consent.  I meant it then and I meant it now.  I’d like you to do this willingly, I really would.  I know it’s better for both of us.
OK.  Well, I’m sorry you feel that way about it.  I really am.  Maybe if you think about it a bit longer, we can…?
Uh huh.  Well, if you’re going to be like that I guess there’s nothing more to talk about.
Only, I have been thinking about it, you see.  And I’ve been reading that contract we signed.  And I think you’ll find it defines ‘castration’ as removal of the slave husband’s balls.  Plural.  Not ball – balls.  And it says nothing about your cock, just that I can’t subject you to anything that removes your ability to function sexually, without consent.
And with your one ball, and your one-inch cock (and after that little tantrum, you can forget about getting anything more than an inch, buster!), your little messing can still happen.  Whenever I decide it’s OK.
So, I’m afraid this is going to have to be one of those things that the mistress decides and the slave husband just has to accept.  And I’ve already made the booking and paid a deposit anyway.
Hmmm?  Oh, Wednesday I think.  Or was it Thursday?  Bring me my diary – it’s in the hall.


  1. Ms Beckinsale is not a woman to be trifled with, to be sure.

    Another lovely, cruel story, Servitor!

    1. Indeed she isn't. And you're right, it is just a trifling matter. It's really very good of her to take the time to explain it all like this, instead of just packing you off and getting it done, for goodness' sake.

  2. absolutely wonderful best wife ever
    loads more castration stuff please!

    1. Thank you Anonymous. Plenty of it in the blog - the tag cloud is your friend.

  3. One should be careful when marrying a lawyer. I know there is the comfort of slaving away in a nice home in a nice area. One that no male could afford to live in on his own since we are not allowed to be lawyers anymore. But it can be seen to have its downsides.

    Hasn't Mother Nature been magnanimous in giving males and extra testicle they don't need.


  4. Thank you, Femsup. Mother Nature gave some of us two testicles we don't need, apparently. Seems a little excessive - but who am I to question?

  5. We should never question our superiors or that is a sure way to find our testicles in our mouth to shut us up.