Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Too much mercy... often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent victims who need not have been victims if justice had been put first and mercy second

A quote there from Agatha Christie.  Sounds like my kind of lady!

On we go...

Whipped by domme in the snow
Amusingly, sometimes out there they lose all feeling because of the cold.  No matter how many welts and bruises are inflicted - they don't feel a thing!  And it's so funny then, when they're brought back inside and warmed up.

Rather thoughtless of Karen, I must say.  No wonder she's on her fourth marriage already.

Plenty of time overnight to think about what you're going to say about this in the morning.  Sleep well.

I think a little extra tribute next time might be in order, mmm?

I once went on this date, with a girl who just kept on telling me how inadequate I was compared to 'Karl'.  It was awful -  all, 'Karl has a bigger cock' and 'Karl doesn't have any problems getting hard'.  Honestly, I don't know who was the more embarassed; me or him.


  1. A just punishment from Officer Katya! Inmates deserve strict discipline and should be punished severely for any trasgressions (as I'm writing out 5000 times for her now..) That inmate wil also be punnished for wearing those fancy training shoes instead of his standard prison issue canvas sneakers! (the women wear the pants and proper shoes in here..)

    1. Actually, the trainers are part of the punishment. They've been out of fashion for two years! Humiliating, I know...

  2. Although I understand the need for Male re education Centres I like to think we might see an ordinary housing estate in say the Czech Republic. Not so out of place to see a male strung up awaiting a beating.F


    1. Yes, you're right of course, Femsup - that is a perfectly normal street scene in the Czech Republic.

      Although for people who've never been there, I hasten to add that of course it's not like that all the time. I mean, obviously not. I just used an unusual image in order to make the caption more exciting. In reality, it snows no more in Prague than in - say - Paris or Amsterdam.