Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Abject bliss

Puppyplay financial domination
Puppywup gonna dieee-wie.
 This magnificant lady is of course from Planet Femdom.  The unimpressive boys were free gifts with her weekly magazine.

Birched male
Things always seem so simple after a birching, don't you agree?  Hmm?  Yes - thought you would.

Femdom surprise
Actually, grammatically speaking it is you who are surprised.  She is amazed, startled: something like that.

(Incidentally: little tip if you ever session with a pro-domme.  Very few of them - perhaps even none - really appreciate grammatical pedantry from their slaves.  Just something I've learned (or is learnt?) over the years.)
 This is the lovely - if rather sarcastic and humiliating - Selena.  If you want to worship her, go to worshipselena.com.  Simple.  Or wickedheartsboutique or somewhere like that, you know?  Yes - I'll bet you do.

Cruel girls
I expect the screaming will become rather irritating after a while.  Still, they could always turn the TV up.
  This picture will be from menareslaves.com, I imagine.

Wedding cuckold oh dear
And if it doesn't get you stiff, she'll ask Manuel to stick around for a bit, and maybe the three of you could try something else.

(And this - finally - is the lovely but regretably only occasionally dominant Carla Brown.)

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