Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Girls' night out

So, yeah, if you’re up for it we thought we’d meet up about 9.  Just you, me, Suzie, Ellie, Karen… Vanessa said she might come, but she wanted to bring her boyfriend and we really just wanted a girls night out.  So I told her it’s a ’no boys’ evening, and she said she’ll think about it.
Well…yes, OK, technically you’re a boy too.  But that’s OK – you don’t count.  I mean you’re not really a boy boy, are you?  Not like a boyfriend boy!  Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?
No, of course you can come.  None of the other girls will mind. They don't think of you in that way at all.
Hey, do you remember that time that guy tried to pick me up, and then he got all confused because he thought maybe you were with me?  God, I was just laughing too much to explain it – and he went off with his mates!  Such a shame – he was a real hunk.  Still, I think I managed to score a bit later didn’t I..?  Can’t remember his name – you know, they guy with the tattoo?  You drove us home.
Oh, that reminds me.  You don’t mind being the non-drinking driver again, do you?
Thanks, that's great.  We can go to that bar where they do the lemonade you really like. But we’ll have to be strict to keep to our ‘no boys’ rule, though!  There’s always loads of cute studs in there!
Brilliant.  Oh – and can you come round about 8.30?  I want to show you this new outfit I got.  You’ll love it!


  1. A little make up, a pretty clubbing dress... and this guy should be able to feel like he belongs to the Crowd. Even removal of those unnecessary bits should do the trick, but not all of them to remind him he is not a real Girl.

    1. Yes indeed. Who knows - maybe in future he could even join them on a night when they ARE looking for boyfriends. He could even pick up a cute stud for himself.

  2. Actually, this reminds me of an old Maddie Fay caption. In it, a woman was having a "deep and serious" conversation with a guy - his constant erections were ruining the lines of his skirt. And she wanted to take him shopping for a chastity device to keep the problem from cropping up again

    1. Thank you, AA. That's thoughtful of her. If any of my actions annoy my Signiifcant Other, she prefers to just beat me until I learn better. It's been some years now, but I'm getting there.