Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yeah, it was a bit weird, actually.  I mean, I thought I’d enjoy it, but actually I found it kind-of disturbing, you know?
I hadn’t told him what was going to happen, of course, but he figured it out as soon as we got to the clinic, and he was panicking and trying to get away.  Honestly, if I hadn’t thought to have him on the leash, I think he really would have run out onto the street.  Fortunately, the nurses there are very good – I mean, they see this sort of thing a lot.  So they soon had him strapped down, but he was still screaming hysterically and pleading – all “Oh God, Mistress, please don’t do it, I’ll do anything!”  You know?
And then we had a long wait for the doctor to get round to him, and it’s amazing, he was shrieking and crying the whole time.  I had to step out and go for a little walk in the fresh air.  He’d calmed down a bit when I got back, but then the doctor arrived and started getting the knives out, you know, and it all started up again.  Honestly, I think he made more fuss while he was lying there waiting, then he did when she started cutting!  And you know what he’s like with pain.  Always has been – he screamed the place down on our wedding night.
Anyway, all done eventually.
I hope this one’ll be easier when I take him in.  I made him watch when I punished the other one for embarrassing me in front of the doctor like that.  So he should be more co-operative.
But we’ll find out tomorrow, I suppose.
Do you fancy a cup of tea?

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  1. On behalf of all males I want to apologise for the behaviour of this male to what is really a very simple medical procedure. I am so sorry he made you feel uncomfortable.