Friday, February 14, 2014

Hot flushes

I'm feeling them more and more often.

Female led relationship
Best not to rush into these discussions.  Give everyone a chance to calm down, to reflect on what was said and maybe even come to regret it?

Pink whips are cute!
With dignity. Always with dignity.

Glad we cleared that up.  I hate ambiguity.  Fortunately, so does she.

He'll apologise, too.

Don't know.  Don't care.


  1. From a young age I have had the fantasy of getting a OTK spanking from a Stewardess, and I still got aroused of their uniforms (of most airliners).

    1. An oran-utan getting spanked on a commercial flight would be a thing to see, indeed.

  2. I agree ..the uniforms look quite strict and formal as if the stewardesses would be well suited to administering discipline! "Aisle 35 seat 1 drop your trousers ..public spanking for lewd and offgensive behaviour!".

    Maybe the prison officer will detain us for Valentine's day (and indefinitely..) in a prison entirely stafed by women like her.Well, we can dream..)

    1. Actually, Mr X, dreaming's not permitted. Check the prison rulebook - page 1314.