Thursday, July 17, 2014

Turning yet again

Yes - it's everybody's favourite series on this femdom blog!  Turning points!  Captions about scenes that are not actually femdom.

See here if you don't know what I mean - or everywhere else you can get to by clicking 'turning points' in the word cloud there.  Oh look, I've even done it for you.  The earlier ones were better, so you might want to start there.

Here you go then:






  1. the 2nd one about the classes is awesome !

    1. Yes! Those classes, sign me up too Mistress!

    2. Are you sure you need them, SH? I was assuming you'd be on the faculty.

    3. Thanks Anonymous. It's always good to get positive feedback (in some circumstances it's also great to get negative, contemptuous and humiliating feedback but I usually have to pay for that).

      It's odd the things people end up liking. I can never guess. My favourite from these ones is the text to Dominic.

    4. I was hoping to get a little supplemental education.
      Actually I was staying busy cleaning up the teachers lounge.
      Oh wait, Professor Hoffwoman has just sent word that she would like to have me help her demonstrate something to her class. The last time she did that I could not sit for a week.
      But then boys should not be sitting idly about when there are chores to be done. Now should we?

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