Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Marriage guidance

Honesty is so important in a mariage. I told my wife on our wedding night that I wanted her to be completely honest and open, if my performance in bed wasn't satisfying her, and the very next day she told the hotel staff and a couple of guys we met in a bar all about it.  And since then, she's told all her friends, all my friends, my co-workers and quite a lot of random strangers.  So much better for these things to be out in the open, don't you think?

Oh... that Sonia.  Oh dear.

We can't always get what we want. She can, but we can't.

I guess you could always renegotiate if it isn't working out for one or other of you.

She's got a lot of pain for Doug to work through.


  1. I especially like that first cap, with the wife planning to tell everyone about her husband's shameful situation. Maybe she'll even bring them up to the bedroom to see how nicely his bottom was colored, and what he's wearing to sleep in. What IS he wearing?

    1. A splendid idea. It's none of your business what he's wearing, though. That's a secret between him, his wife and anyone she chooses to force him to pose for.