Tuesday, December 3, 2013

After school activities

Hi Honey!
Listen – Miranda called today.  You remember she started teaching at that new school?  That’s right.  Sex education for a class of seventeen year-old girls. I mean, can you imagine!

Anyway, she came round a couple of days ago, because she knows you had the operation a few years ago, and she wanted to borrow the jar.  Show them what male genitalia really look like.
So of course I said yes (sorry – hope that’s OK with you!).
Well, apparently the kids were really interested!  I mean, that’s amazing – normally they only care about Facebook and stuff like that.  And she wants to use that in her teaching – you know, get them talking about sexual politics, how traditional gender roles are changing, the image of the ‘castrating woman’ in literature and popular culture…  You know?
So, she was wondering if we could go in and talk to the class some time.  To talk about how we handle sex now – apparently when she first told them, they thought we were both celibate!
I thought maybe we could pop in next Tuesday.  She’d do it as an after school activity – you know, put up a poster and just see how many turn up.
You’re not busy on Tuesday, are you?  I told her it would probably be OK, but I thought I’d better just check first.

Don't worry - it won't be like this.  You'll get a much bigger audience, I'm sure.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm sure you'll find it easy to open up when you're on stage, Ian.

  2. This is my absolute favorite post of yours. More humiliating the eunuchs, please!

  3. So much more safer way to teach young Women about male genitalia when they have been divorced from the males groin.


    1. Yes, it's a much less threatening environment, isn't it? In fact, I think males who've been 'tidied up' down there could usefully wear public identifying marks. That way, teenage girls who need to turn for help to someone can approach them secure in the knowledge there's no danger of any sexual element to the encounter.

    2. And I imagine its very beneficial for their male classmates, too. So many of them believe that being neutered is a punishment, or (even worse) that its the "end of their lives" . . . Seeing a happy, well-adjusted eunuch can only help them accept the day when they lose their balls, too.

      Plus, it might help their social lives, too. A lot of girls might well be open to dating them, once the girls realize they can have them "fixed" later on

  4. Hi did this Famous actress realy teach your girls in 2013?and now, in 2017 ? Again?

    1. No indeed. She's an actress: playing the role in a work of fiction. I tried to get Sigourney Weaver, but she was booked up.