Tuesday, December 24, 2013

She knows if you've been bad or good

So be bad, for goodness' sake!

Ironing flr slave
Try to look more pleased.  She went to all that effort, after all.

Other World Christmas
It works on the opposite principle from the usual ones.  Every day, another slave is locked in.  Then on Christmas Day itself, they all spend the entire day inside, with no food, being ignored by the ladies and having to piss and shit on the ones below.  It's a very special time of year.

All I want for Christmas
Hmmm.  Looks like a single domme session after all.  Still, maybe she'll make it a memorable one.

Christmas governess
Oh, wouldn't that just be awful?  Sigh.
 This lovely image is from the English Governess site.

Christmas in a cage
Remember - a cage is for life, not just for Christmas.
Extra pictures!  Not just the usual five!  Iiiit's Christmas! 
I wouldn't worry about it.  Everyone always loses fiddly little things like that at Christmas.  They usually turn up.
She could have put reindeer horns on him.  For a festive touch.  Don't you think?
This is the redoubtable Mistress Wildefyre, in a photoshoot at (the public front of) a site called Cruel Women Rules. Thanks to Gameboy, blogger at Following Blindly Again, for the identifycation.
Don't worry about getting him a present.  It's her.


  1. Merry Chrristmas ,Servitor and thank you for a a great blog all year round!

    So you are locked up writing lines over the festive season , too? "I am here for my own misdemeanours" 50,000 times.I guess we deserve it for our disgraceful behaviour in writing smutty, sexist commehts on a blog .I heard ma'am might let us out after NewYear but I don;t know which new year. Time to line for our present. .Oww.Serving time has neer been so much fun..)

    1. Thank you, Mr X, and for your comments here throughout the year. I guess we do deserve it... and foolishly, we leave the evidence all across the Internet.

  2. Love the Ironing Board caption ! Merry Christmas Blogger friend!

    1. Thank you so much. My best wishes to you and 7 (your better three-quarters?) for the new year.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful posts all year!

    I think it's Amanda Wildfyre (spelling?)

    m_gameboy (mbtumblr@gmail.com)


    1. Thank you Mr Gameboy. It does indeed look to be Ms Wildefyre (you were close - lacking only an e). I'll update.

      I love your blog! Update it more often....please?

  4. From Captioned Femdom Situations
    and have you seen the Midwife thingy with her lookalike.


    1. Hi Femsup. Good to see you here, as it always is. Another frequent commenter whom I don't acknowledge or thank enough, I fear! I don't actually update the blog often - every two weeks or so - and I store scheduled posts, so I am sometimes slow to respond. But it's always good to have comments.

      Especially when they add content - as yours does. Oh, very nice. I'd never even seen that photo (is it from a shoot...? I'll have to ask Google images), let alone the caption. I have no idea what you mean by the midwife thingy, but I'd very much like to find out!

  5. I don't like captions 2, 5 and 7. What's the point of having slaves if you just keep them locked instead of putting them to work?


    Yey! Raoul is back...

    1. I think the theory is that it makes their other slaves work harder. Does it work? Probably. Who knows? Worth trying, anyway.

      Raoul never really went away. But he doesn't always say much. A man of action, not words, you know?

  6. Have you read anything by Chris Bellow, like "Constancia Island"?

    1. Yup. If you check out the links to the right, you'll see his 'bedtime reader' blog is right there.

      I like his femdom stuff, but on his blog at least he often embarks on long, multi-part femsub stories, and those just aren't for me, I'm afraid.

      Unfortunately, he seems to have stopped posting in protest against Google.