Friday, December 20, 2013

Frankly, Mistress, spank me

The title of course, yet another attempt to gain a veneer of artistic respectability by quoting someone with talent, in this case The Smiths.

The song speaks to me, though, and especially this line:
                 I didn't realise you wrote such bloody awful poetry

No poetry today, you'll be pleased to hear.  Onward, with feeling:

Lesbian trap
I'm not sure what this caption is on about, to be honest.  All lesbian couples look like this, don't they?  It must be true - the Internet sez so.

Keeps you fit.  Very good for your health.  Until she reaches five, anyway.

One day I'll meet someone who appreciates me just for what I am - a pathetic, desperate and unattractive loser who'll willingly hand over cash for a brief moment of pretence that I am otherwise.

The lovely Princess Kali, being lovely as ever.

Just another attempt to make some positive use of the flood of male-dom pictures swirling around and polluting our beloved Internet.


  1. Being the slave of a lesbian couple is the ultimate fantasy of a submissive male.

  2. "Sir, Imknow a way to stop you going to jail/benbd over for hard strokes of the cane before you resign today ..then come to the school as my one of the students under my control as prefect. I think Jasmine's a nice name and you'll get used to the skirt..)