Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A little bit of politics there...

[NB: Brexit-related post not of any interest to readers who is not Bri-ish and of little enough to those who are]

As they say, if voting changed anything, they really shouldn't let men do it.  But it can, and sadly they do, so with some reluctance Servitor posted off his vote to remain in the European Union (which includes the Czech Republic, remember), wistfully hoping for the day when only the superior gender has such a privilege.

Of course, I wouldn't dream of seeking to advise or influence any female readers of this blog in their important political deliberations.  But for the rest of you, burdened with Y-chromosomes... never mind the economics, never mind the discussions about sovereignty vs effective weight in the politics of the world, fundamentally all you need to know about the Brexit referendum is this:

Ooh la la.

Yup.  Mistress Eleise lives in Paris. So the fewer border controls the better.  Aaand, it's really none of my business, I don't know the nationality of all of these ladies for definite, but let me just say, that there are certain advantages in allowing citizens of other EU countries to live and work in Britain.

Nuff said, I'd say.

I was going to try to do the usual five captions, themed around Brexit, but I got too bored and depressed and they were all kind of samey, so here's as far as I got. Normal service resumes on Friday.


  1. I would vote for your blog being the most amusing and erotic out there but of course as a a male I am not allowed to vote.


  2. Aw shucks (bashful grin), well, I...

    erm, I mean - quite right you don't have a vote! Disgraceful behaviour. Go and stand in the corner until you learn to keep your opinions to yourself!

  3. Nice post, to combine politics into femdom.
    You didn't get your vote but ironically it got you a female leader as a result...

    1. Yeah. One with the same name as a well-established pro-domme too, oddly enough . Coincidence? I think so.

      Still - bit weird all around, isn't it? It occurs to me this entire world in 2016 might only be a dream I'm having.... Trump vs Clinton too. Clearly, my mind is even sicker than I'd previously believed.