Friday, June 24, 2016


Mens lib is fine in theory, but someone has to lick out the ashtrays, don't they?  So I don't see how it could ever work in practice.   

They don't aprove of modern fads. Actually, there are lots of things they don't approve of.  As you'll discover.

Everyone makes little mistakes when they start out.  No real harm done.
 The parts of the dommes in this little tale were played by two dommes, by an odd coincidence.  The extraordinarily wonderful (as I can personally attest) Lady Sophia Black  and Ms Morigan Hel, whom I briefly met once before Ms Sophia dragged me away, and is probably equally but differently extraordinarily wonderful.

Don't worry - he's not a real schoolboy.  And that's not really his mother.  And the person on the left who seems to be an attractive young blonde lady in a doctor's coat is actually a 57 year-old computer scientist from Gujurat called Deepak.  Femdom porn... it's all fake, really, isn't it?

Time to explain to them that you're not into that, I suggest.


  1. Those men's Lib magazines probably had recipes that can be made quickly so that he doesn't have to do all those elaborate roast dinners and things. Doesn't make the pages taste any better though.

    Oh now for a sure fire recipe for tastyness.


    1. Tasty indeed (real not faked?). But a bit too low resolution for captioning. In my view, far too many of the world's limited supply of pixels are used not for depicting Anne Hathaway. It's such a waste.