Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Changing shifts

Oh hi George, that you?

Hmm? No, I wouldn’t say she’s in a particularly bad mood today.  This is my own fault really – stacked the towels in the wrong order again.  You know how it is. Eighty minutes, eight strokes, then another eighty minutes.  Could be worse.  I had quite a light shift, actually.  A few with the strap and a couple of sesssions of kneeling punishment.  Quite a relief after last time, I can tell you.

Nothing much to report.  There’s some of her friend Julie’s laundry in, to be ready for 5.30.  And she wanted me to do the kitchen, so the bathroom’s still to do, OK?

Oh by the way, we’re a bit short on washing up liquid, so try and go easy on it, will you?  My shift starts at 6am tomorrow, so I won’t have a chance to buy any more until Thursday.  Wouldn’t want to earn any more demerit points, not this close to the end of the month. And you know how she is about the washing up, especially when she's having a party.

Oh - hasn't she said?  Yes, this Saturday.  I expect she'll tell you today, because we're both going to be on duty, I think.  Trevor’s going to be setting up, then you and I are doing maid service and clean up.  House inspection 9am Sunday, then we get the rest of the day off if it's all satisfactory.  With two of us working overnight that should be all right.  It's the Saturday evening I'm worried about, to tell the truth.  I heard her mention that that vicious little cow Marianne’s going to be there.  You remember?  The one who made us all dance with those weights attached at New Year.  So we might be in for rather a rough time, I’m afraid. Glad it’s not just going to be me.

Ermm… listen, old boy.  You couldn’t do me a favour and straighten my stocking tops could you?  You’d be saving me four strokes at least.  No need for her to know, eh?

Oh come on, George.  I’d do the same for you, you know I would.

OK, well I understand.  You’re probably right. She does always seem to find these things out, doesn’t she? We’ll just forget I said anything.

You, ermm… you won’t tell her I asked you, will you? I mean, I know we're supposed to tell her about any rule infractions, but... you know.  Honour among maids and all that.  Hmm?


George, are you still there?

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