Saturday, March 2, 2013

Humiliation session

Leather clad domina thinking about her tea and he mum.

You want me to humiliate you?  Tell you about the contempt I feel for you?  All right.
Well, for a start, of course, the only reason I’m even talking to you is because you’re paying.  Actually, I’m hoping to get a job in marketing, but it’s really difficult at the moment, and I’ve got huge student debts, so I have to make ends meet by fulfilling the fantasies of fat old perverts like you.  So, don't think for a second I really like doing this, OK?

I’m sitting here wearing this ridiculous get-up because I’m hoping it’ll turn you on, but I wish I hadn’t done it up so tight, as it’s really digging in under my armpits.  So later I’m planning to make a show of locking you in a cage and cruelly leaving you, so I can go off and loosen it a bit, maybe take this fucking collar off too.  I hate wearing all this pervy shit, and it’s all so badly made – starts coming apart after a couple of sessions.  But it excites you, and I need the money.

Then I’ll pretend to hit you a bit with this thing, but I won’t really hit you because I know you don’t really like it.  I'll just tap you enough to leave a few marks, and you'll make a big fuss.  And then I’ll make you clean my shoes with your tongue, which you’ll do for hours and hours - I fucking HATE that and I’ll have to try to think about something else to stop myself screaming with boredom.

Fortunately, soon after that I’ll ‘force you’ to wank, and then I'll pretend to like you and be all friendly as you hurriedly pull your clothes back on.  And then you'll finally fuck off, and I can get into some normal clothes again and have a cup of tea or something a bit stronger to wind down.  Oh – and I’ll throw your present away, because I get about twenty boxes of fucking chocolates each week, and I have to watch my diet because – unlike you – I actually have to look sexually attractive.  Or I might give them to my mum, when I meet her later, because –
What’s that?  Too much humiliation?

Oh sorry.  I’m still a bit new to this.
Right then…err…you little WORM!  I think you need some time in my CAGE!  Oh yes, it’s the cage for you!  It’ll give you some time to think about what’s coming to you, when I bend you over the trestle for a taste of my CROP!  That’s if I come back at all.  I might just leave you there for EVER!

Into the cage!  NOW, you disgusting little MAGGOT!


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  2. Parting shot: "Now let me see how much cash you have in your wallet. Hmmm - not very much - bring more next time. And I'll just borrow this credit card for a week or so. Maybe you'll get it back next week, or maybe not!."