Friday, March 22, 2013

Office relationships are complicated

Oh!  Well, ermm… I mean I’m flattered obviously, but..
No, no, it’s not that I’m doing anything else, it's just that…
Well, as we’re going to be working together I took the liberty of looking you up on  And it –
- oh, it’s a sort of dating information site.  Women-only.  It’s very popular just now.  Most men are in it -
Anyway, I was looking you up on that and you're in the five inches or fewer category, you see, and I just think I like to have a slightly larger penis than yours, if you don’t mind.  You know – I mean I could live with six inches or even a bit less, but… 
Sure, no problem at all.  Nothing personal, I hope you weren’t offended?
Great.  Actually, I don’t think it would work out anyway.  I tend to like to go a few times, so I look for an average of at least three or more per night, and yours is only 0.6.  I guess it doesn’t always work?  I know there are some women who don’t mind that.  But I do.
Oh - and the thing you like to do with the sweaty trainers?  I’m afraid I’m just not into  -
Hmm?  Who?  Oh, someone called Cindy I think.  Probably not her real name.  Prostitutes rarely provide them.  It was only last Tuesday anyway, so you must remember –
Sure!  Sure, we’ll say no more about it.  See you in the team meeting tomorrow!  Have a good evening!


  1. You'd better be a very good boy for her; maybe do some of her routine work.

  2. Yes, well, I offered to do that. And she just said I was a sick, deranged little submissive sex pervert. Women, eh?