Monday, March 4, 2013

Yet more secrets of a happy marriage

Many of you have turned to me for advice on your relationships.  OK, here's some advice: you're insane.  Have you read this blog?
Meanwhile, for any readers who enjoyed the first Seven Secrets of a Happy Marriage or the second - or even both - here's, ermm... seven more.

1.  Learn to notice the little signs that show your partner might be upset with you

2.  If you’re going to reappraise the way you share responsibilities for the family finances, choose your moment with care, when your partner will be at his most receptive.

3.  Oddly enough, competitive sports can be a way of bringing a couple closer together.  Just because you're a team now in everything else, doesn't mean you can't test your strength against each other from time to time! And why not up the stakes a bit, by making the loser do all the household chores for a while?

4.  If your new wife is a divorcee, don't freak out if she wants to introduce you to her former husband.  She's probably trying to tell you something about herself.

5.  Don't worry about always looking for novel ways to please your partner.  Many women get off just on the way they know their husband will be waiting quietly for them when they get back home, same as always.

6.  Little tip: why not tell her you'd like her to choose what you wear from now on?  Try it - you might be surprised at how much she'll enjoy finding new things for you.

7.  Many men try to make themselves scarce when their wives invite their friends around.  But don't.  OK, it's going to be a bit awkward, being the only man there.  But if she wants you to stick around, it just means she's going to enjoy showing you off to her friends, and what could be wrong with that?


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