Sunday, March 3, 2013

Learning to crawl

Bring me to my knees

Other world kingdom pony play
Never mind.  If she does do any damage to his back, I expect the six hours on hands and knees scrubbing the stone floors of the Chateau that she has planned for him this afternoon will make it better again.

Male maid business
In one case, the client turned out to be the same man.  Of course, when he found out that he was paying twice to clean his own apartment, he complained to her.  He still finds it uncomfortable to sit down, I understand.

Wife with a cane and a question
Just go ahead and say what you think.  You don't get the cane for telling the truth, only for lying.  And impertinence.

Femdom cage performance
You know, last year my wife forgot our anniversary!  I was so disappointed.  And when I reminded her, she said it was too late, and anyway she couldn't remember where the key was!  Forgetful thing, she is.  Hope she remembers this year.

Another long femdom castration caption
She's even asked them to put a special note on your file: not to be castrated. Just in case.  So can you calm down, now, hmm?


  1. great caption the apartment cleaning one the best

  2. Thank you very much. Interestingly, her daughter has started a drive-in car wash business. You drive round, you see, go and pay at the office and then she makes you clean your car. Doing very well, I understand.