Friday, May 23, 2014

Authority figures

Clear instructions femdom
I like a woman who knows what she wants.  Don't you?


Dominatrix tells you to fuck off
Mmmm.  If you pay extra maybe she'll ignore you even more.

Teacher assessment humiliation
It's tragic, the breakdown in authority in schools these days.  Don't you think?

Mmmm... pretty exciting, huh?  I wonder what she has planned?  A really hard spanking?

Actually, I have a 'frequently annoying traveller' card.  So they don't have to make any special arrangements: the stewardesses just slap me on sight. I get special meals too.


  1. After seeing all your posts about Air Hostesses being mean to you, i'm starting to think you are a pretty shitty passenger to have. Don't you know better than to be nice to Ladies? After all They are our Superiors.

    1. It's all just a horrible misunderstanding, Mr A. I was on a flight to the Czech Republic, trying to get past a hostess, on my way to the toilet, you know. Well, there was a sudden gust of turbulence, I accidentally slipped, and I grabbed out at the nearest thing I could find to hold, which turned out to be her breasts! And then she turned around and slapped me hard in the face. And I just came in my pants! As anyone would, I think you'll agree... just my luck to be wearing white trousers that day, too! A pretty awful situation, but really none of it was my fault!

      Anyway, that little incident was many years ago now. I've put it behind me and to be honest, I think everyone involved has forgotten about it, except me and the probation officer.