Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fiction: Slave Tony

Hmm?  What’s the hardest punishment session I’ve ever given?
Oh, that’s easy.  Slave Tony.  It has to be Slave Tony.
Everyone in the scene knew Slave Tony.  He'd been hanging around S&M clubs maybe ten years before I even started.  You see, he was this guy from New York who used to go round all the mistresses, saying that nothing they could do could break him.  He was pretty tough too.  He could take a hundred strokes of the cane and wouldn’t even cry out. One time me and these two other girls spent a whole weekend just working him over, and we still couldn’t do it.  Tough guy.  Really.
And this was really pissing me off, so I asked him once if he would agree that I could do anything I wanted to him, to see if I could break him.   I’d win if I could make him cry.  Of course, we agreed some limits.  No permanent injuries, that kind of thing.  But any kind of beating, bondage, imprisonment all of that – I guess Tony thought he could take it.  Nothing was going to make him cry.  He hardly even gave it a second thought, just laughed and said I could do whatever I liked.
So I arranged for us both to fly down to Venezuela one Labor day weekend.  I told him there was this heavy S&M scene there, you know?  And when we there we had a pretty wild time, and Tony got laid, and I whipped him and everything, and he just took the whole thing without a grunt.  Same as always.
But one of the local girls was the sister of my friend in Queens.  And she made him come on to her quite rough, like we’d arranged, and she was pretty bruised when they’d finished.
And then she reported him for rape.  They take that kind of thing pretty seriously in Venezuela.  Especially when it’s rich Americans doing the raping.  So he got 14 years with hard labour.
I went to see him a few years ago - he'd already done four years, I think.  He was looking pretty thin.  I don’t think they feed them much; and they work them hard.  Anyway, they have an early release scheme for good behaviour.  And he’s been very well-behaved – after the first few weeks, anyway.  He’s one of those guys that just keeps his head down, doing his time.  Says yes sir and no sir to the guards when he’s ordered about.  So anyway, he should be out in  - oh, just three more years, now, I guess. 
That's the only time I've seen him, anyway.  Just the one visit.  Actually, I think it was the first time he’d had a visitor at all.  None of his friends know he’s there.
Oh – and did I forget to mention?  He cried.


  1. I hate this woman from the bottom of my heart. You cannot do this even to your worst enemy. All she wanted to prove was that she could break him. Well, I could think of a few methods to break hér. What is worse than heartless? Being proud of it.

    1. Yes, there are certainly some people out there with sick, twisted minds aren't there?

  2. That story is cruel.
    Why did you write this?

    1. Essentially because I am a very sick individual with a twisted mind, I suppose.