Monday, May 5, 2014

Fatale attraction

Normal service is now resumed.  And I can use the letter 'i' and everything.

Impalas!  Intrepid!  Vicissitude!  Inimitable!  Mississississississipipipipitipie!

Oh god, that felt good.

On we go.
Bloody nose femdom
It's not a good idea to make her cross.

Femdom dress code
That's right, Dave.  Stand up for yourself, mate.

First time domme
Oh, it'll be OK.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Big whip, huh?  Small room...

I asked my SO for a regular date to be fixed for my masturbation day.  She chose 29th February.
She can be cruel like that.


Yeah, don't beat yourself up about it.  That's her job.
(joke copyright the Addams Family movie.  It's better when Angelica Houston says it.)

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