Friday, May 30, 2014

Despised and rejected by women

...whenever I get the chance, but usually I have to pay for the privilege.  Ah well.

Mistress Eleise blonde joke
I like a domme with a sense of humour.  But actually, I've always been able to make girls laugh.  I remember my very first date - in school the next day, she and all her friends giggled whenever they saw me.  Just a knack.
 I try to identify and pay hommage to featured pro-dommes here, after downloading, lusting after and defacing their pictures.  But does anyone not know this is Mistress Eleise de Lacey already?  I mean, really?  Come on guys - do try to pay attention.

Superglue femdom
Dommes: don't try this at home.  You can chip off the paintwork.  Do it at his place, instead.

More pig-sticking
Good luck, George.

Annabels will
I'll bet she does.
This lady - Lady Annabelle - doesn't feature here quite as much as Ms de Lacey.  But she's very lovely too (and has a wonderful voice) and you can find more pics and video of her here, you lucky little perverts.
Castration fetish
Well, I think it's disgusting.  Reading a squalid little porno blog like that.  Yuk.


  1. you have to pay for the privilege of being rejected and despised by Women? i kinda get you. Just these days i was in a club and at the bar was a very pretty Lady. As i was admiring Her beauty, She notices me but instead of being all bitchy and disgusted, She actually smiles and waves to me. i had to buy Her several drinks, and next day take Her to an expensive dinner date to get Her to treat me with the lack of respect i deserve... weird creatures these Girls, aren't They?

    1. Yes indeed. Sometimes, I too find it takes a while for a woman really to get to know me properly, and understand just what a contemptible and unpleasant little worm I really am.

  2. Chastity belts are all very well but there's still the problem of what to do with the worthless piece of flesh that's attached to the penis which is of course a man