Monday, February 21, 2011

Altered Images

...were a brilliant 1980s band (well, they were a four-hit wonder actually, but I liked them and anyway they had Clare Grogan).  But this post isn't about them, it's just more daft captioned images of female domination.

Captioned femdom image of three domme wives
I'm a traditionalist, I'm afraid, and I don't really believe in mens' lib.  Planning a series of stories on this, actually.

femdom captioned image of businesswoman
The notion of changing your name is just delightfully subtly submissive, and public too.  Several posts about this on other (more serious) blogs lately.

femdom captioned image human dogs
This is of course the divine Mistress Valkyrie.  Combining the best traditions of English (ow!) and Czech (thwack!) femdom.

femdom caption slightly spooky dont you think
A little off the usual trajectory for me, but something had to be done with that picture.  That artwork 'obscure title' by the way, is nothing like as weird as some I've seen.

femdom caption lesbians kissing ahhhh
Quite why anyone would even consider looking at marmalade in this situation bemuses me, but then I'm not a male maid with a housework obsession


  1. "Happy birthday, happy birthday!"

    Thanks, S. I now have a very annoying song stuck in my head, and no doubt it'll stay there for the rest of the evening. Still, at least you've provided some nice pictures for me to look at while it slowly drives me insane.

    Ms Grogan was certainly a hottie (a Scottie Hottie?) back in the eighties - and still was, last time I looked.

  2. I love the fact that the wife is not only cuckolding her husband with another woman, but is also ignoring him. I love the idea of having a wife or girlfriend use me as a naked footstool while her female lover lovingly fed her grapes and/or rubbed her barefeet.

    Or her lesbain lover using me as a footstool while my wife served as her slavegirl, lovingly feeding her grapes and/or rubbing her feet.
    Or my wife /girlfriend having me serve her and some female friends lunch while she acts if im not there and gushes to them about how great her new sex life is with her new lesbian lover, while they laugh and listen to the erotic details in facsination