Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short fiction: In the morning

Jennifer quietly stood at the door of the kitchen, having followed the aroma of breakfast cooking from her bedroom.  Her husband/slave, Alan, standing naked but for a small pinafore which left his buttocks exposed to the air, hadn’t heard her enter.
She looked with satisfaction at her oblivious submissive, quietly getting on with serving her without specific instruction or fuss.  This was how it should be.  She caught sight of the marks on his lower left buttock, and she giggled softly.
Alan looked around in shock, and instantly dropped to his knees, crawling over to her to place his face against the ground just before her feet.
“You may.” she said quietly, after a moment, and he quickly placed light kisses on each of her feet, in the approved greeting.
“I’m so sorry, Mistress, I didn’t hear you come in…” he stuttered.
She smiled down at him.  “That’s all right, I was just standing there.”
She looked down affectionately at the blackened marks on his buttocks: her initials JMV somewhat stretched and distorted by his kow-towing posture.  She smiled again.
“You know, I just arrived at the kitchen door to see you preparing my breakfast so diligently, and I was so much reminded of the day of your branding.  Do you know why?”
Alan nodded urgently.
“I think so Mistress.  It’s that in my servitude to you, I know you are with me always.  That I am your slave, in attendance to your needs to the best of my poor abilities even when you are elsewhere, because I carry your name for ever.  The terrible pain from those red-hot brands not only seared your name into my flesh but burnt it into my very soul, and made me yours at all times.”
Jennifer leaned down and stroked his hair gently, thinking of that day and her husband’s desperate screams of agony and love.
Actually, she had been going to say that it was the smell of grilling bacon that had so vividly taken her back to it.
But a wise Mistress does not always tell her slave the whole truth, and so she merely murmured.
“That’s exactly right, my slave.  How well you know my mind.”


  1. Wicked! :)

    Both the story and her thoughts.


  2. Servitor
    your write great stories. i have noticed that over the past 20 years, more and more when i go to a friends house, the husband is in the kitchen with an apron[or pinafor as you call it] while the wife is relaxing. The apron is a plain white one.And the husbands are strong guys who build houses during the day.But once they get home most of them do the housework as well.I like the fact that myfriends that i live near and work with in construction, take off thier toolbelts after work and put on aprons to cook and clean for thier wives and girlfriends [i do this myself when i am in a relationship]

    Most of thier wives outearn them. Most of the blue collar men that i know in my neighborhood have wives that work at the local hospital.Im guessing that the fact that thier wives outearn them affects thier share of the housework.

    I have never heard any of my friends complain or hide thier housekeeping role.Many of them fight fires,unload trucks and swing sledge hammers during the day.So no one would consider them a wimp.I think that someone can be strong and manly, as well as submissive and subservient towards thier wife and other women
    When i used go to a dinner party with my parents as a child, the women would clean up afterwards while the men would relax and chat.Nowdays at the dinner parties that i go to about 70% of the time its the men that clean up afterwards.

    Ive found that genders flock together at social events.So if after the dinner i volunteer to clean up, most of the men will automaticly join me without thinking about it.

    About 20 years ago the women would have been pleasantly syrprised.10 years ago they wouldnt have been surprised, but we men would have been complimented on cleaning up.Nowdays the women seem to take it for granted that the men will clean up
    These are casual dinner partie s that im talking about.Not "femdom" events.But i have found that there are more and more apects of real life where women are taking charge and where men are taking a more subservient role.Most of the couples that i know wouldnt consider themselves in a " Wife led Marriage". But in effect, thats what they have