Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Service

Captions of dominance, humiliation and worship - of course.

Goodness me is that a chastity key

You can put my name down as a collaborator straight away.

caption femdom dismissive and uninterested domme
Disdain.  For me, 'disdainful' is a very sexy attitude

captioned femdom image of a wife talking about cuckolding
Raoul's back, just for Underling.


  1. Hi Servitor,

    Really enjoying your captioned images, after having being directed here by Suzanne from her 'All Mine' blog.

    I've added you to my blogroll and posted about it here:

    Hope you don't mind but I also used one of your images with the above post.

  2. Hello Paltego

    I don't mind at all, the more publicity the better!

    Interesting that you chose that image, as it is by no means one of my own favourites. It just goes to show that we're all different.

    All the best

  3. Hello Servitor -

    I am always a little bit shocked (and flattered) when I see pictures of myself on others' blogs. The photo at the top with the 'George? George!' caption is yours truly. Maybe I will make a print of the photo with your captions and frame it for my sissy. I'm sure he will love the idea that he is not the only submissive to obsess about the key around my neck! :)

  4. My word - I do apologise for any surprise, Ms Marie!

    I take it from your comments that you do not object to my featuring this (wonderful) photo, but if for any reason or at any future time you would like me to remove it, then of course I will do so without hesitation.

    I actually feature (completely unrecognisably) on one of the web sites of the pro domme I am privileged to know, and it was an extraordinary feeling when I first realised that the sissy-boy with head bowed kneeling at her feet was this very boy. I felt so proud.

    Would you like me to change the name 'George' to something else? I would be very happy to do that..?

    Respectfully yours


  5. It's funny, but the other night my wife and I were making love, and she had that usual expression as if she was wondering what colour we should repaint the bedroom ceiling (she's home alone all day, I don't know why she doesn't get around to it). Then she suddenly closed her eyes and started murmuring in a foreign language, maybe Spanish or French. She became more animated than I've known her in years, bumping and grinding her way to an explosive orgasm, positively howling - "RROW-OOOO!!", like that.

    And then finally she opened her eyes again and said, 'Oh. It's you.'

    Do you think I should be worried?

  6. @Underling

    I don't know whether you should be worried or not, as it's rather outside my own experience. I can't really imagine being mistaken for Raoul when making love. I think she'd be shouting "Put it all the way in!" if anything.

    Try checking under the bed for rather full condoms. I've never yet known Raoul visit without leaving one or two at least.

    I am struck by an extra-ordinary co-incidence, though. Just a few months ago, my wife too was making love and she wondered whether I should re-paint the bedroom ceiling. So up I went, and I can tell you I had to be very careful to avoid getting any drips on the sweating couple below me.

    Anyway, I have a second coat to apply.

    All the best