Thursday, February 10, 2011

My shorts

Some very short stories, some too short even properly to be considered short stories.  "Skimpy" stories, perhaps.

Testing his limits
Mistress Persephone let go of the mouse in frustration and picked up the phone.
“davey!” she shouted when it was answered on the second ring.  “I have hit your credit card limit again!  That is the third time this month!  Pay your bill right now, and from now on I want you to check your balance every three days.  If this card is refused for lack of funds just ONE more time, davey…!” and She slammed the phone down, and angrily switched off the computer.

At the third stroke…
Mistress Persephone strode out of her dungeon carrying a cane, and knocked gently on the door of the next room.  “Are you going to be ready to go soon?”
Her friend Lucy stuck a puzzled-looking head around the door.  “We’re not going to leave for an hour yet, surely?  It doesn’t start until eight.”
“But it’s nearly seven already” Mistress Persephone said.
“No it isn’t” Lucy replied.  “It’s not even six o’clock yet.”  She thought for a moment.  “You do know the clocks went back last night, don’t you?”
“I…” Mistress Persephone began, then stopped. “Oh.  No, I forgot.”  She said.  “So we’ve got plenty of time.”
“That’s right” Lucy replied cheerfully, closing the door again.
“And davey wasn’t an hour late…” Mistress Persephone mused to herself , looking down at the cane in Her hand.  She swished it back and forth a few times, thoughtfully.  “Oh well”, she said, to no one in particular.  “I don’t suppose it did him any long term harm.  I’ve started so I might as well finish.”
And, cane at the ready, She strode back into the dungeon.



“Well he should choose his words with more care, then, shouldn’t he?” Mistress Persephone complained.  “What did he think I’d do, when he said he would crawl across broken glass for me?  Idiot.”
“I’ll get a mop” sighed Lucy.

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