Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's captioned images

I'm beginning to find that I enjoy captioning images so much, that I find it quite hard to sit down (there can be other reasons for finding it hard to sit down sometimes too) and write stories.  Still, go with the flow I suppose so here are some more.  I hope you like them.

femdom caption blonde dominant wife sitting waiting for explanation before punishment
Once again, the incomparable Mistress Valkyrie of London, who has, I have often thought, perfected "the look"

femdom caption schoolmistress with two-tailed tawse ready for handstrapping naughty pupil
I do so love the thought (and in moderation, the practice) of the strap across the hand... Not enough of it on the Internet.

femdom caption dominant wife with riding crop teasing and waiting

femdom caption cruel dominatrix smoking and about to use slave as ashtray

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