Monday, February 14, 2011

For Valentine's Day? Or for life?

If I write for you my humble words of love, if I uncover my inmost thoughts, and hopes, and dreams and fears and pour them out in return for a raindrop of your approval...and if I package and seal all these treasures in an envelope and slip it under your door at midnight...

...will you trample it mercilessly beneath your heels, unread and scorned?

Oh I do so hope so.

Well, I don't have any image to which to use that as a caption, so here are some images that do have captions.  None are particularly Valentines themed, except that all in a sense involve unrequited love.

femdom caption husband in law slave

Isn't she beautiful?  Aren't we just the luckiest creatures to be permitted to breathe the air on the same planet as someone who looks like this?
Captioned image of Madame Sarka who will be very fair and judicious
Well, I'd trust Madame Sarka with my life.  Looking at her web site, it appears her slaves effectively do.

Captioned image that only works if you're already thinking about chastity
Sometimes only a few words are needed.

Sometimes a lot of words are needed.  I wonder whether it can really be called a captioned image, as opposed to an illustrated story, when the ratio of image to text is this low.  Ah well.  There are no rules for this (unless and until some superior imposes some on me).


  1. Thank you! I'm a very regular reader of yours too, which I adore. Always rather dramatic, seeing the image at the top as the page loads! The image at the top of mine, I think I stole from a posting on your blog, as it happens.

    I'm new to this bloggeryfliggery thing. The trick, I would imagine, is not merely to make a good start, but to keep it up. As in so many things.

    My best wishes to LO7, together with awed respect.