Saturday, February 5, 2011

I really need to do something other than captions....

...but I do so enjoy them. 

caption femdom bride talking about chastity

Two dominatrices with whips not an easy choice

captioned femdom image of wife casually threatening whipping


  1. I think they are great. You can continue with them ad infinitum.


  2. Yeah, but I'm really a frustrated novellist. Just like a New York taxi driver.

  3. I love your wedding themed captions.And i love the fact that the woman in the top photo is cute and adorable and is smiling.

    I think that if more femdom sites had photos of ordinary women like this and more photos of subservient men that were athletic,muscular and handsome [too many sites have pathetic looking men in thier phots], then more and more women would embrace the idea of enslaving thier husband.

    In the "mainstream" media , you already see this happening. Stock photo sites online[ a source for magazine photos] are full of photos showing shirtless athletic men in aprons[pinafors] doing housework while thier wives relax. These photos are generally used in women's magazines.So they must appeal to a lot of women.

    Thank you for taking a lot of these types of photos a step further with your captions.I like and appreciate all of the hard work that you put into your blog for the readers like myself