Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, this is what I spent much of today doing when I should have been working

Just captions, some the briefest capture of a mood, others longer, one essentially an illustrated story.

captioned image of dominatrix and inferior

Captioned image of dominatrix and cleaning attachment slave

If you're so clever how come you're still a maid

OWK ladies should be looked after properly

Imagine the view...

sad story of dominatrix with more slaves than she can handle


  1. It's clear that you made the right choice. Working, rather than writing your always interesting captions, would have been such a waste!

  2. Thank you, Lady Grey.

    No doubt it would have been less of a waste had the missed work consisted of useful service to a superior such as yourself. But it was not so, er, it wasn't.

    (Servitor's syntax trips him and he falls flat on his face).