Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turning the other cheek

Oo-er sounds a bit rude, don't you think?  It has often struck me (oo-ERR!) how often random Google searches for words and phrases about punishment and humiliation lead to religious sites, as well as to bdsm ones. I wonder why?  Anyway, penance is due so on with the divine scourging:

Fetch the cane
Words fail me.  Probably just as well.

Femdom army oi oi oi
I love it when you start up a fight...and I love it when the fight ends your way.

Transfer payment
Always carry the card.  You never know when you'll meet a knife-wielding man-hating psychopath in a rubber dress.

Judicious punishment
The impossibly divine Ms Darla.  She doesn't have to actually do or say anything.  The look is enough.

Orgasm denial is easy
She's amazingly good at orgasm denial, actually.  She can keep it up for months.  Maybe longer!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime rituals

On this Spring Equinox, in countries and cultures across the world, celebrations take place each year to celebrate Spring.  Many, of course, particularly focus on the female form, perhaps as the human embodiment of the generative powers of the new season, or possibly just as an excuse to ogle pretty girls wearing less than they have been during the winter month.

It is a little-known* fact that many of these celebrations have a strong femdom theme, perhaps to symbolise the driving out and scourging of winter by the power of the new seasons, or perhaps - again - as an excuse to be whipped by those same scantily-clad pretty girls.  Which is it?  We'll probably never know.  Or care. 

Anyway, as a service to readers, we present here a round-up of some of the more...forceful... Spring celebrations, from around the world.

In Bulgaria a delightful tradition known as 'first-footing' takes place on this day.  Males are required to kneel down and kiss the shoe of the first lady they encounter in the street.  She for her part then either places a flower into his hair immediately - as a signal that he is free to go on - or may require a task or service to be performed.  If a lady suspects that a male has not emerged from his house by 12 noon, she may enter the premises in search of him.  All tasks must be completed by midnight, so a male who really does not want to take part will have no more than 12 hours of being at another's beck and call to contend with.  In any case, recently laws have been passed to ensure that first-footers are not subjected to anything that can reasonably be expected to cause them irreparable harm, and first-footers may not be used for criminal purposes.  So there is really very little to worry about.  Tourists are welcome, and expected to take part.

A 'first footer', greeting the Spring with an affectionate kiss.

Despite the onset of Spring, the weather in Bulgaria can remain very poor at this time of year - so this enterprising Bulgarian lady has taken advantage of the first footing ceremony to keep dry in the rain!

In the town of Åasblød in Norway, the Spring Festival of the Birch takes place on this day.  All the men of the town who turned 18 in the previous year swim naked in the lake in the morning.  Then, naked and cold, they run to a lodge in the forest.  There, ladies who turned 18 in the prevous year, together with those turning 28, 38 and 48, have been gathered since the evening before, fashioning fine bundles of rods from the proud forests around.  The men are secured tightly over logs and birched vigorously, in a process that usually starts in an orderly fashion with the ladies forming a queue in front of each male, but often typically degenerates into mayhem, as bits of birch fly everywhere and the air fills with the shrieks of flogged males and the delightful murmur of female laughter and conversation.

Once all the rods have been used up, a white cloth is pressed to the backside of each of the secured males, to produce an impression in blood to recall the day.  This memento is kept safe, and usually presented to a bride by her groom on a wedding night, as part of the 'Marriage night ritual of the birch'.  As a matter of fact, the birch tree is the centrepiece of much of the cultural life of Åasblød, with no fewer than 17 festivals over the course of the year devoted to this noble plant.

The young ladies delight in making artistic arrangements of the birch sprays, using pretty ribbons and even interweaving flowers into the bundle.  There are prizes for the prettiest - and then later, prizes for the most bloody flogged bottom too.  Good girlish fun.

In South Africa it's not actually Spring, because it's in the southern hemisphere.  Nevertheless, on or around this date, a tradition has developed in recent years called "Apology Day".  A powerful figure from the apartheid regime is selected, as are several representatives of the new, young, multiracial South Africa.  This year, Capetown's former police chief is the main participant, and the photo below shows him with two of the youngsters selected to engage in dialogue with him about the apartheid era.  Interestingly, although he will be free to go once the day is over, he might well emulate his predecessors in choosing to go into domestic service for one or more of his young examiners, presumably out of a sense of remorse.

Young citizens prepare for Apology Day, along with this year's lucky 'volunteer' for atonement.

In Iceland, men are released from chastity and allowed to come on this day.  Then they are locked up again.  There's no great ceremony around it, but if you're visiting Iceland on business or on holiday, it's worth considering going at this time of year (or the Autumn Solstice of course) as it can provide a welcome moment of relief from Iceland's otherwise strict chastity laws.  If you're staying in a hotel, the chambermaid will probably have your key but you should always ask at reception the night before, to ensure you don't miss out.

Welcome to Iceland.  Hold still now.

* note for new readers: little-known because completely untrue - see the disclaimer to the right about the veracity of information presented on this blog.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The quality of mercy

Much more important than the quantity.  Don't you think?  Worth waiting for.  At least, I assume it will be.

Anyway, while I randomly gibber over here, condemn yourselves to eternal damnation by feasting your eyes - and any other parts of your body that need sustainance - on these captioned images of female domination.

Bored domme
I'm not really myself into foot worship.  But I do love pics of dommes looking bored.  And foot pics are definitely the place to go for that. I mean, isn't it a bit, well... tedious for the domme?  No? Slobber slobber...for hours on end.  But hey - I respect your choice of fetish, OK?  Me, I hate it when She makes me worship Her feet.  I get really uncomfortable.  Oh, but I love hating it like that.

Dead submissive good boy
There was a tense period when it looked as though she would have to produce a body to get the funds released, but just when she'd got the suicide note written, her lawyer found a precedent for a fast declaration without.  Phew!  She still has the note, of course.  Just in case.

Preparing for a beating
It's always funny when she starts.  They think she means chew them a bit and they mostly get turned on by the humiliation, you know?  Then they find out that she does actually mean eat them - and it is really hard to eat a pair of trainers.  Good news, though - it's a lot easier than having Madame Sarka annoyed with you.  So eat up.

Hmmm.  This looks fun.  I wonder if she has anything special she does before getting you off?

Femdom bride whats not to like?
You weren't expecting a multiple orgasm, surely?  Once is plenty.  Actually, many ladies think once is too much and who am I to argue?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The word of command

"No!", usually.

Electric play nice
Huh!  And she accuses you of being a gadget freak!  Never goes anywhere without that remote, these days.


Time to play torture chamber
So much more fun than silly old 'naughty maid'.  And the marks last a lot longer too.

Actually, the embarassment comes from the fact that she didn't realise there's only one 'o' in loser when she did it.  But I'd be too polite to point that out - wouldn't you?  Still, better than this guy I used to know who became enslaved to an eighteen year-old.  He is branded with the word "Pwned!" - doesn't it just make you cringe?

Third hand beating
Frankly, I think it's a bit lazy not to do it herself.  Ooops - you won't tell her I said that?

Crush slowly caption
I was reading the crush version of Metamorphosis the other day. It's shorter than Kafka's original.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Crawling out of the woodwork

Here I go again:
Dread.  A fine healthy emotion, that I always find sneaks up on me as the Tube train gets to a few stations away from Her presence.

OWK torture yum yum
They might do some remodelling work on the bits of his face that still show, too.

Femdom magical mystery
They never really got the point of card tricks either.  Pick a card, slave!  No - wrong!  30 lashes!  Now pick another!

Femdom dominatrix nipple clamps eek!
Oh he loves it really.  Just as well, as he has two hours to go.

Tatooed slaves
Just some rough sketches really.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The act of divine worship is the inestimable privilege of man...

... the only created being who bows in humility and adoration.

Hosea Ballou 1771 - 1852

Crazy name, sensible guy!

On with the pictures of not-nekkid leddies:

Silence is golden says femdom wife
Don't forget to say ang ooo.

Spanked to agreement
On reflection, you were just going to ask if she wanted a nice cup of tea, weren't you?

Sexy car crashes now ooh my oohh my
Ah the smell of burning rubber, the screams, the sounds of sirens...  What's that?  Bad taste?  Hey - YKINHK, right?

Sexy castratrix work talk
Hey - don't knock it.  Imagine having a girlfriend who handles mens' genitals all day for a living.  Hmmm? 

Strangled into submission
But later she overdid it and found that his attention disappeared completely.  Never mind.  Plenty more fish in the sea.