Friday, November 29, 2013

But when you are tied to your mother's apron...

As I'd love to be...still, this blog talks about castration anyway.  Quite a lot, actually.

Femdom hell is heaven
Sometimes, they are even the same aspect of the same place.

No talking
That's a relief.  It would be a bit embarassing to have had to reply "a small cupboard" to any questions about where you spent your honeymoon.  And you know her rule about always telling the truth.

Not a castration caption
Oh, OK.  Maybe we're not talking about castration today, after all.  Maybe we're not talking about anything.

Not quite a castration caption
I suspect 'we' will.

I hope so too.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Famous for more than 15 minutes

Oh hey!  How are you!  Wow, I guess I haven’t seen you since –
Well, yeah.  I guess you could call it ‘that’ date.  The date from hell, huh?

Oh but look, I’m kinda glad I ran into you.  I mean, you must have some pretty awful memories from that night – I mean the way you were crying when I threw you out and stuff aaaand I just didn’t want to leave it like that without, well -

 - without telling you how much blog traffic I got when I posted about it!

I mean, really.  “Impotent crybaby” just got more traffic than anything else I’ve ever published.  And when I put up another post – you know, about how you said maybe you could get hard if only you could sniff my trainers – well, wow!  I mean, my blog’s been like, in the top 1000 ever since.

You’re even an internet meme.  Pretty cool, huh?
Oh, you must have seen it.  You put up a picture of some – like – total catastrophe, like an earthquake or something and then you write “But maybe if I can sniff your smelly trainers, it’ll all be OK?”

Didn’t you realise that was you? "Needy fucked up loser".  That's you!  You're a star.
Oh my god!  Are you crying again?  Hold on, let me get my phone.  I have got to take a photo this time!

Where are you going?  Hey come back! 
Oh don't be a spoilsport!  I just wanna… I –

I have trainers in my bag!  And I went running this morning.  You want me to - ?
That’s right.  Trainers.  Smelly old stinky trainers.

That's better.

OK, we’ll start with you kneeling down there.  No, there.  That's right.
Look up at the camera, honey.  No – don’t dry your eyes.  And now up at the bag where the trainers are…that’s right.  How much do you want them?  Hmm?  How much?  Show me how much you want them.  Because you won’t get them unless I see those tears flow, asshole. 
That’s right.  Oh boy.  Youtube fame, here I come.

Friday, November 22, 2013

It was 50 years ago tomorrow

Do you see what I did, there?  No?  Oh.  Well you should get out less, then.  Watch more TV.

Oh - and a bonus one (doesn't count as one of the five, because the picture quality is poor):


Thursday, November 21, 2013

A turning point

Many of you seem to like the series 'turning points': captioned images of situations that are not exactly femdom.  But could be.  Like this.

Anyway, in the same theme here is one of those little stories that's just too damn big to fit as a caption.

Hmmm?  My riding lesson?
No, it was rubbish, actually.  They gave me that grey horse again – the lazy one.  And he kept refusing the jump so I gave him a few sharp taps with the whip – you know.  And then he refused it again, so I decided to show him who was boss.  So I was giving the lazy bastard some good hard cracks right across his rump when the instructor came up and told me I was giving him too much whip!  That I should be trying to coax the stupid animal instead of thrashing him!  Can you imagine!
She said she’d cancel the lesson if I didn’t stop.  So of course I did…but can you imagine?  It drove me mad, trotting around on this lazy old thing and I couldn't do anything but tap it gently.  I’ll swear the brute was laughing at me!  You know how frustrated and angry I get when I don’t get my way.  Grrr.
Anyway, when we finished and I took him back to the stall and tied his reins up, she wasn’t around.  So I gave him 12 good hard ones!  He didn’t like that, I can tell you.  He was jumping about and trying to get his head around, but I was standing well to the side.  And I laid them on good and hard - raised some lovely welts. 
Anyway, I'm sure it did him a power of good.  When I walked past a bit later on the way to the car, he caught sight of me and cringed.  Really.  Have you ever seen a horse cringe?  I don’t think he’s going to forget me in a hurry!  In fact, I might ask to have him again next time.  I think we’ll be jumping those fences very nicely.
So… that was my day.  Still feeling angry.
How about you – did you fix that leaking pipe?
Oh darling!  I can’t believe it – I asked you specially!  Now how am I going to wash all this stable smell off?  What have you been doing all this time?  Just lying about watching TV and surfing the internet I suppose!
Honestly – you do make me cross sometimes. You really do.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Number 17

No, it’s not part of a psychological game.  I really am a serial killer.  The dominatrix thing is just a trick.  You'll be my 17th victim.
You see, I used to have to go out and try to capture men…but that’s so difficult, and it’s risky too.  One time, one got away - he would have been number 4 - but I was lucky, he hadn’t seen my face. 
And then I discovered that if I advertise as “Cruel Carmina’s House of Bondage” men would come to me and let me tie them up.   And then I can do what I want, can't I?
They even pay.  Amazing, really!
More?  Oh don't worry about that.  The money's not important.  You can offer as much as you like and -
- how much? -
- wow, you must be rich!  Well, it would be nice to have that much money.  But I don't think so.  I'd still have the craving to do this, no matter how rich I was.  And anyway, if I let you go I think sooner or later I'd find myself in prison, don't you? 
So, I think it's better if your money just goes to whoever you've named as beneficiary in your will.  But thanks for offering.
That’s right.  You try those straps.  Give them a good pull.  You’ll find they’re quite strong.  I spent a fortune on bondage gear.
You can have a good struggle there, while I go and take all this leather and rubber shit off and put some proper clothes on, OK?  And get the plastic sheeting.
What’s that?  Someone will come looking for you?
Oh dear.  Should I be scared?  Because you told lots of people you were paying a visit to “Cruel Carmina’s House of Bondage” did you? 
I don't think so.  I’ll bet you even switched ‘location services’ off on your phone before you arrived, didn’t you?
Yes, of course you did.  No one knows you're here.  It's just you and me.  We're going to get to know each other quite well, over the next few days.
And then it'll just be me again.  All on my own.  To tidy up the mess.  And make an appointment for number 18.
See you in a minute.

For anyone considering visiting a professional domme for the first time - this is just a silly jokey fantasy, OK?  The first time I visited one, I was terrified and I left everything like credit cards that could identify me behind in case - oh, I don't know what.  And she was lovely, and just perfect and I quickly grew to trust her completely.  I've visited quite a few dommes and I have never found one to be other than completely professional, and understanding and safe.  Just go for it.
I do still switch off 'location services' of course.  But it's not my Mistress I'm worried about, there.  It's being found out.
The lady in the photos is from a photoshoot from Cruella...oooh, at least 25 years ago.  She haunted my adolescent fantasies, and still does.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Slap happy

You know what you deserve... but here are some pervy pictures instead.

Wearing wifes dresses
Oh I do hope I get to wear that one.

Painful perversions
And paying them for it.  And thanking them afterwards.  And then in a few months doing it all again.  Here, in my case.

And this?  I mean - do we have to put up with this sort of thing?  Yes.

Russian femdom petplay
Actually, slave-fighting's illegal in most civilised countries. And he can definitely sue if he has his balls bitten off, so really he's got nothing to worry about.
 This image from Tyrannized, like it says.  Very good if you like your femdom in bright, primary colours.

I think you're about to find out how ridiculous you look.  And if I know Angie, so's everyone else.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I said "Tell me your name, is it Sweet?", she said "My boy, it's Dagger."

Oh yeah.

Girls with guns now
I think it's rather special that she dressed up for the occasion.

OWK safeword isnt
By the way - don't be fooled by that 'the last hour' into thinking this was some sort of brutal day-long beating!  No, no - it was only just over an hour.  He started screaming desperately for mercy just a few minutes into it, that's all, when he hit his limit, and then there was about an hour before she stopped.  I mean - they're not that cruel at OWK, for goodness' sake.
 Source is fairly obviously the Other World Kingdom, and this is the magnificant Madame Katarina.

Little lost slave
Maybe his Mistress will put up posters or something.  Maybe not.
 Source is the delightful Men are Slaves.  Yes.  Yes, we are.

Just for the hell of it
You never know.  Their victim might actually have been responsible for Amelia Earheart's disappearance.  Wouldn't that be something!  You see, lawyers always say that in court you should never ask a witness you don't know the answer to already, but torture's not like that.  You can just go where it takes you, you know?
The source for this is a song I don't like at all from a band I'd never heard of called White Flame.  The video's pretty good, if you turn the sound off, ignore the band members and just concentrate on the ladies above.

Pencil skirt - who needs a caption?
Somehow, I think you might get to know Debbie quite well.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Performance Review

Today's post is all about human resources and employee evaluation procedures!  Oh yes.  Pretty exciting huh? Much better than pictures of nekkid ladies*.

In keeping with this blog's desire to break new ground in femdom porn, I am posting a performance evaluation form from a company I've come across (if you'll pardon the expression). 

Anyway, it's from a company with a very similar name and management style to FemmeFatale Films, but without the same degree of copyright infringement involved in my misusung their logo.

Let's start with a nice picture, so it's the divine Goddess Heather rather than my silly old forms that appear in links to the post:

Here's the performance evaluation form.  You might find it hard to read, especially if like me you're suffering from eyesight degradation due to excessive unauthorised masturbation, but if you click each page, it should come up nice and big and zoomable.





Performance management shouldn't be a one-way street.  It's not all about the manager telling you what to do, you know!  No, no - a good performance review is interactive.  You should beg, and plead for forgiveness - preferably while kneeling.  Crying is a good way of showing you've learnt something from the feedback, too.

 ...and some more pics of performance evaluation in action:

Hmmm...  She's reading all of your co-workers' evaluations.  Well, the ones whose opinions matter, anyway - the ladies.  But you don't have anything to worry about?  Right?

Now this lady looks like she's going to be giving you a really thorough, intensive feedback session.  Learning opportunities ahead!

It's surprising how effective some quite simple management techniques can be.  Just writing out 'Lazy employees get the cane from Ms de Lacy' 500 times can lead to a measureable improvement in employee attitude, and of course the caning itself then helps to 'bed that learning down'.

497... 498... 499...

...and now the employee is actively benefiting from a coaching session.  See, all the management books say it's best for feedback to be immediate, specific and really, really painful.

The three Ladies who featured in this particularly silly post were, from the top, Goddess Heather, Mistress Anna Regent and Mistress Eleise de Lacy, all of whom feature on FemmeFatale Films.  As do many others including my Lady, Sophia Black!  It's a wonderful site - well worth taking a look.  

But I wouldn't recommend working there.

* Astute readers of the blog ,might have noticed that it doesn't actually feature nekkid ladies at all.  I know my place.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

I grant I never saw a goddess go...

...My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she belied with false compare.

She walks upon the ground it's true, but also into my dreams.  Ahhh.

Castration chat
Really, men get so obsessive about this sort of thing.

Femdom choices
It's good to have choices.  Eat it, don't eat it.  Up to you.

I've noticed she seems to stay cross for longer, these days.


Madame Sarka fattens them up
Actually, the  Ladies always cook too much food at Christmas, and they end up having to throw at least half of it away.  But it doesn't get wasted - they just feed it to the pigs.

Mens lib again - how tiresome
The person is political.



And, just for Another Anonymous:

See?  It's worth commenting in this blog.  You get stuff.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let me count the ways

What's Lady Sophia like, you ask?

Hmmm, how to describe her?  Well, I suppose she's. . .  spiteful. . .  vindictive. . . domineering. . .  callous. . .aloof. . . unforgiving. . .  contemptuous. . . brutal. . .  arrogant. . .  self-centred. . .imperious. . .  ruthless. . .  sarcastic. . .  cruel. . .  mean. . .  malicious. . . implacable. . . bossy. . .  harsh. . .  unkind. . .  sneering. . .

. . . and, oh how I adore her.

...and I'm going to see her again tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Even more turning points

Goodness, all this turning is making me dizzy.  By popular request, yet more of those captioned images of situatuons that are not female domination.  Yet.

First two in the series here and here.