Friday, July 31, 2015

Don't be ashamed to cry

I think I'd never worry about anything if I had Mistress Chrissie looking out for me.

Tough decision.  She doesn't like lies.  But then, she's not going to be that pleased about the truth on this occasion, either.
Why does this happen to me every single time?
Sometimes you have to suffer for her art.
Does that make you feel stressed?  No? Are you sure?
She'll probably want a pay rise too.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maternalistic society

Oh, Gigi Allens is so lovely.
Hey, it's a free country. Well, except for the slavery, obviously.
She does respect your opinion - but only when it is the same as hers. That seems fair.
Yes, you're right, it is Jean Bardot.  Well spotted.

Remember: you can't be humiliated if you have no self respect to begin with.

As if it wasn't bad enough having to sit through a 9-hour flight on a well-caned bottom.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Turning...back again

Ages since I did one of these.  I am afraid the muse just doesn't strike me quite as often as she used to.

Turning points!  Captioned images of situations that are not femdom!  But might be.. do you see?

Oh, just click on 'turning points' in the side menu bar thing there if you don't understand.  Or just look at the pictures of pretty ladies and masturbate anyway. Doesn't bother me!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Untruth or consequences

So, what did you do in London, my mother asks me as I walk in.

Paid someone to tie me up, beat me and piss on me.  I think.

Oh - nothing much, I reply.  Just saw some friends.

You smell nice.  Have you just washed your hair?

Well yes, actually.  Rather thoroughly.

Strange sort of life, we live.  Well, I do anyway.  But so do you, probably.

Fucking off now, Ma'am.
Many marriages become oppressive and abusive after a while.  In this case, about 11 minutes.
I have a very literal mind.  It's quite convenient, because it means I don't need to take offence every time I'm called a 'wanker'.
She can annex my southern regions with an illegal plebiscite any time she likes.
Geddit? Bit-o-politics, bit-o-politics
Yurshhh mw'am.  Gulp.  Bleah!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Legal niceties



Well, I don’t know which out-of-date law books you’ve been reading, Mr Harris, but as your attorney I have to inform you that you are labouring under a complete misapprehension.  There hasn’t been ‘alimony’ for over ten years, now.  There’s no question of your retaining any money, once you’re no longer married!  Your joint bank account will be closed so of course any income you receive will be paid into hers, for a period of time of not less than eight years.
What?  Division between the parties?  What are you talking about? In a lesbian marriage sure, there's a need to split the property. But there's only one female party in this case, so of course everything goes to her. 
No – the only question for the judge is whether you’ll be sufficiently self-motivated to continue to work hard under these arrangements, or whether she should be given possession of you for a period of time to ensure collection.

Hmmm?  Well, yes of course that would be slavery Mr Harris.  What else did you expect?


Now… your wife’s lawyers are insisting on 25 years slavery with full punitive rights as a non-negotiable item in the settlement.  But that’s probably just a tactic.  If we offer – say – ten years in her service, with whipping rights but no branding, we’d probably get into a negotiation and with a bit of luck you’ll be out of chains in, oh, fifteen years at the most, without too much damage.

Hmmm.  Oh dear.  Except we have Judge Elliott.  She’s not usually very favourable to men.  How do you feel about offering your wife castration rights?  That could sway things quite a bit.  We can try for a guarantee of anesthetic, if you’re squeamish.
My fees, Mr Harris? Oh don't worry about that.  The question of legal fees won't even arise until you've completed your period of servitude to her.  Then the accumulated sum and interest is converted to a simple annual payment, with a court-appointed overseer given whipping rights to ensure collection.  But my fees will be quite light - don't worry.  Of course, you'll have to pay her lawyers too.  But in any case, that's at least fifteen years away, so I wouldn't worry about it now.
Now... your wife's likely to want to put you over the witness bench and have you cross-examined.  So the court can determine how badly you've behaved to her.  So, let's make a list of all the ways you have wronged her over the years.  Selfishness, harsh words, betrayal, unkind thoughts about her... that kind of thing.  It's best to be as honest as possible with me at this stage, as it will all come out in court, anyway.  Opposing counsel can be very persuasive and they can keep you strapped there over the witness bench as long as they like.

What's that, Mr Harris?  Have I ever been through a divorce?  What a peculiar question to ask your lawyer.  Yes, I have as a matter of fact.  Twice, actually.  So I suppose I do know a bit about what you're going through. 
Hmmm?  Yes, I suppose my ex-husbands do know all about it too!  I don't know much about what they thought of it, though.  I don't really speak to them very often.  And of course, they're not allowed to speak without my permission or in response to a specific order, so we don't talk much.
No, they're not here.  I don't keep them in the office.  The man scrubbing the floor you probably saw on the way in belongs to Julie, my secretary. I handled the case for her, actually.  Believe me - you do not want to end up like him!  We ended up setting a legal precedent there - he'd only been married six months but she got him for twenty-seven years!   Quite a triumph. But I'm on your side in this one - so you've really nothing to worry about.  Have you?
As you might have realised, the part of the helpful divorce lawyer in this tale was played by the glorious Eleise de Lacy.  Yeay! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Smoke gets in your eyes

...and the ash stays on your tongue for ages...and I find bits from the butt sometimes get stuck between my teeth.

But it's worth it.  (trigger warning: vanilla, unrelated link).

Help in the sense of carrying him, while she provides the managerial input.
The awesome Mistress de Lacey. Now in Paris!  A garde, les citoyens!
Yeah. He certainly used to have a name of some sort.  Whatever it was.
I like the sound of Lucy already.
Men are built a bit like those stackable chairs, you know? Symmetric, front and back.  Handy when storage space is at a premium.
It's bothering him more and more, I think.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Esclavage, inégalité, sororité!

OK, so it doesn't have quite the same ring to it as the original.  But happy Bastille Day, anyway! 

My favourite verse, lightly adapted:

Grande Déesse! Par des mains enchaînées
Nos fronts sous le joug se ploieraient
De viles despotesses deviendraient
Les maîtresses de nos destinées !

Francophony or not, we can surely all celebrate a day named after a dark and gloomy dungeonlike prison in which unspeakable tortures took place, and even the Marquis de Sade (surely worth celebrating in our community, despite his peculiar ideas about which sex should whip the other) was imprisoned, so  -

What's that?  Bastille Day celebrates the liberation of the prisoners?  Oh dear me, we can't be doing with that.  Bloody French; get everything backwards.  Never mind, forget it, relâchez-vous!

Marchons! Marchons!

Sweet financial domination
She's always had a kind generous nature like that.  One of those people who loves doing favours for her friends, you know?


Good thing you clarified that.  It'll be all right now.


Sex with a whip
Imagine not being turned on by the thought of whipping!  Some people are so weird. 

You had one job.
Isn't that romantic?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

New job

So, that’s that!  Last session.  Hope you enjoyed it.
Hmm?  No – I’m giving up the business completely, I’m afraid.  Got another job!
You know about this new programme they have for convicted rapists?  Hard labour and corporal punishment  - well, it’s just like the job, isn’t it?  They even keep them in chastity belts.
So I saw an ad for prison guards and I thought ‘why not?’  I didn’t think they’d really want a pro-domme, but I had an interview and then they gave me a rapist to work on – you know, show what I could do.  I really enjoyed it, actually.  Just brought home to me how much I hate pandering to you lot – dressing up like this, not really hitting hard, safewords, all that. So I really went for it. 
And they said it was great! Later on, when he had his apology session with his victim, they said they’d never seen anyone begging for mercy so frantically.  Didn’t do him any good – she gave him the maximum additional years.  Apparently they always do.

So yeah, I start next Tuesday. No more pro-domme, no more clients.
Hmm? No, I don’t want to stay in touch. If that’s all right. It was always just business. You know?  There are plenty more dommes. You just have to accept that you’re not seeing me again.
Well yes, I suppose we would see each other again if you rape someone!  But really, you do not want to meet me like that.  You wouldn’t believe how much more it hurts when I really mean it.
Oh - and rape is not a joking matter.  Rather a bad note to end on, don't you think?  But then you always were a bit of a tosser.  Now fuck off.
Yeah, you too. Bye. Stay out of trouble.
The role of the divine Goddess Heather in this story was played by, errr, Divine Goddess Heather, appearing in a Femme Fatale Films photoshoot.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Devotional abuse

I'm sure she's very fair-minded.
The wonderful Eleise de Lacy, whom I had the immense privilege of meeting a few months ago.  As extraordinary, beautiful and creative in person as she seems in the brilliant Femme Fatale videos.
And afterwards... especially afterwards.
Hmmm.  What a bit of luck to catch you cheating on her just as she was next to a shop selling whips! 
Just one less thing to worry about.
You'd better.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shameful display!

Apologies to anyone offended by this image of a male actually experiencing sexual pleasure.  Don't worry - he'll be made to suffer for it later.
Time for a witty, cutting rejoinder, I think. Just try to think of one.

Details, details.  Women - why do they always have to explain everything like that?

These details matter to her.  So now they matter to you.
A very fair point.  On with the spreader gag and let's give it a go!

Extra Anne for the anonymous commenters who rightly pointed out that the captioned image of Anne in a space suit last time was a repost.  Just a silly mistake, by an old fool.