Friday, September 29, 2017

Bossy boots

See?  Told you that in the future, boots would stamp down on male faces forever.  Or was that George Orwell?  Anyway, I have pictures to prove it.

It might get a bit smelly in there, that's the only thing.  But don't worry: they'll hose the crate down before you're introduced to your new owners.

Wife and mother... it's like two jobs rolled into one.

Don't worry, they'll make sure you get all the way to the top.

Looks pretty clean already to me.  You don't suppose she's not a real biker by any chance, do you?

Ah, Mistress Eleise.  Even dressed in her daily work clothes like this, she's stunning.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Compliance training

He'll do OK on personal appearance too. He looks like a cringing, terrified little worm, which is exactly how she likes it.

Don't you just hate it when the dates of your personal appraisals at home and at work coincide?

Don't worry, the HR people will deal with this sensitive matter appropriately, too. Perhaps you ought to drop round, thank them for resolving the matter so speedily? They're the unsung heroines of the workplace, in my view.

Chemical castration - some say it's a valid alternative to physical castration, but I say why not try both?

Don't worry - I don't mean actual 'bears'!  No bestiality in this blog, thank you very much!  No, the caption is suggesting a scene in which this lady is renting out her - husband, boyfriend, stepfather, slave? - to anyone who calls and on this occasion it's going to be a group of big, hypermasculine male hairy biker types. He is presumptively heterosexual by inclination, so the implication is that she is lying, exhibiting gratuitous cruelty to her insignificant other.  OK?  There - now you can enjoy the caption.  Anyone confused by any of the captions in this blog is recommended to read the template post, available here.

Friday, September 22, 2017



Well, that doesn't seem very fair.  I mean, does Andrew have to ask my permission when he comes in and puts his big muddy boots up on my nice clean chairs?  I think not.

And for you.

Mmm... sissy maid play. Sheer erotic indulgence, every day from 6am right through to bedtime. Hope there's gruel.

Actually he has a surprise for her.  You know those shoes she threw out into the dumpster and thought she'd never see again?  Well...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

People and things

These things, for example.

Just for once, the linked music video is related.

Loosely, anyway.

A stage magician tried to hypnotise me once, but he failed completely.  I am one of those very rare people who just have too much willpower, he told me!  I tried to go back again the next night, to see if he wanted another go, but my wife said I had to stay at home and do chores, so that was that.

Yeah.  Why not?

Yes Ma'am.

Yes Ma'am.  Again.

Actually, I'm not that worried.  I was told once by a girl I trust that my penis is microscopic.  No way any sniper's hitting that!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Future perfect

By popular demand*, more scenes from the 2020 election  campaign and the Hathaway administration's first term.** 

These ones seem quite heavily to feature Megyn Kelly***. If you object to that****, perhaps you could direct me to other ladies whose image on TV has been captured in quite so many high quality screenshots.

* No, really, just for once.  Honestly, I write a blog full of pictures of sexy young women wearing not much, or kinky leather-clad vixens and what do you all clamour for?  More posts about politics!  You're a bunch of very weird people, you know that, right?  But then, so am I.

** See those little underliney things?  Those show the words are actually links: to earlier posts in this series.  Apologies to female readers of this blog, who are obviously able to work that out for themselves. 

*** Who appears to have taken on a role as spokeswoman for the campaign while retaining her anchorwoman job. If you think that's a conflict of interest then take it up with her, not me, OK?  But be polite.  Very polite.

**** No, I'm not expecting a great many objections either.  But you never know.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Whip service

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...Oh well, at least you're still alive, right?

They still call him 'Fatso': the name they gave him when he arrived.  I think that's unnecessarily insulting, to be honest.

BDSM can be an excellent way of relieving stress, while also increasing it.

Why does femdom have to be so complicated?  Can't I just have my 'happy ending'?  No?  Oh, OK. 

There's lots of animal roleplay - no need to just limit it to ponies and puppies.  My SO likes to play 'annoying bluebottle' for example.  The swatter's fun, the electric zapper's edgy but since she started spraying the flyspray into my mouth, I'll confess I'm finding it harder to get into it.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Managed care

Well, I hope she finds something to amuse herself with while you're busy with all that.

You get to wear a nightie just like hers, too.

And she has a lot more than ten commandments.

I find I do some of my best thinking over a trestle.  I think about stuff a lot when I'm there.

Wow.  I think that's the niceest compliment any girl has ever paid me.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Beneath contempt

... but I'm hoping to elevate myself to that level, through hard work and diligent attention to Her wishes.

Of course, bondage play is out of the question. But also unnecessary.

Yes.  A sympathy fuck would be just awful.  Don't even think about it.

Don't get frightened if your top brings out a long and detailed consent form, by the way. It's the two-sentence versions that should worry you.

You can never have enough hats, gloves, slaves and shoes.

Travel Scrabble?

Friday, September 1, 2017

When you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye

She's trouble, in a word get closer to the fire.  Run faster, her laughter burns you up inside.

Mistress Annie, and her bearded keyboards boy, of course.

She's very good with pain.

If you don't want to do that, just tell her.  You could try stamping your little foot and having a tantrum even - you never know, it might work out quite well.

Drill, baby, drill.

It's funny how men go on and on about themselves and their jobs, but women rarely do.  She should try being more assertive.

This is what a femme fatale really looks like.  Believe me - a long cigarette holder and a slinky dress has nothing on a battery of field artillery.