Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Part 3.

Anne illustrates the party escort submission position.
Ah, the divine Miss Hathaway.  Think of her when you're being pumped from both ends, and it won't seem so bad.

Obedience is recommended
You could try disobeying, if it's something really horrible that she wants.  I mean, what's the worst thing that could happen if you do?

The cane awaits
Miss Woods.  She's got plenty of time.  And there are still another nine questions to go.

Femdom wife does not want to know
Maybe she'll let you explain afterwards, if you're capable of coherent speech.

Bondage means not worrying about whether he'll leave you alone
Did you notice it's Christmas?  I expect she'll enjoy unwrapping him in the morning.  Or the afternoon.,  Whenever she gets round to it, anyway.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have an inferiority complex but it isn't a very good one

Not a Woody Allen quote, remarkably, but Steven Wright.

On we go.

Chastity anniversary hoorah
You have bought her an anniversary present, too, right?

Home alone bondage
Many submissive men often feel quite uncomfortable when left by themselves.  I can't think why.

Forced bi oh my
Actually, although the "forced" is entirely accurate, "bi" is not, as it implies you get to have sex with women too. 

OWK wedding plans
OK, it's all a bit rushed. She's a romantic traditionalist at heart, though.  Believe me: you will be going down on your knees.

Too beautiful for humorous captions
Isn't she beautiful?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Power and the Glory

For ever and ever.  Awomen.

There'll be plenty of things to discuss later, though.  How very, very sorry you are, for example.

Anne Hathaway spanks oh my!
The divine Miss Hathaway again.  I'd like to write her a thank-you note for existing.

Lesbian wife has cute new girlfriend
Seems nice.  Let's hope this one doesn't insist on your sleeping on the floor in the kitchen.  Like the last two.

Not just a pretty face
And don't forget to laugh at her joke, every time she makes it in front of a new client.  Keep that smile on!

Nurses accidentally domme a man or possibly two men
I think Nurse Collins is the one on the right, but that's just my opinion and it's quite worthless.

**Update.  Well for some reason (probably technical incompetence) I can't seem to comment on my own blog today, so I'll take this opportunity to thank Ralph D for his comments.  I'm glad you don't mind my using a picture found on your site.  It works the other way too, of course, so help yourself!  We're in agreement about Anne Hathaway too (and Marie Louise Parker... and what a good idea, I've got a few more pictures of her around here somewhere).  I think it's the eyes.  You just fall in and are lost.  Have you seen the Tim Burton film of Alice in Wonderland?  If not, you must.  Anne as an ethereal White Queen apparently innocent of all the world, but actually scheming and manipulative.  Lovely.  Sadly, it's her sister the Red Queen who actually behaves like a dominatrix ("pig!").

Friday, June 17, 2011


Anne Hathaway... perfection, isn't she?
Actually, the word 'divine' is of more recent origin in the English language than is commonly thought.  It was originally coined specifically to describe Anne Hathaway, and used properly should only be employed in that context. Have a look in a big fat dictionary if you don't believe me, or just look at the picture at the bottom of each page of this blog.  

Lesbian lust and life on a landing
You can go out to fetch croissants when they get up.  If she gives you some money.

I expect she'll find a way of venting her frustration and getting over it.

Frugal domme look out
And to clean it you just run a cold shower over it for a few minutes.  No need even to take it off.

Angelina Jolie dominatrix but not in that scene from Mr and Mrs Smith
I think you're about to find out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dealing with feelings of guilt and shame

These ladies know how to do that.

Dominatrix treats her banker right
Moral hazard?  Isn't that some kind of predicament bondage fetish?

Femdom caption all about a little misunderstanding
Just one of those misunderstandings about silly little things...

She spanks you again
Third time lucky.

Femdom wife likes to use the iron
And do try not to cry all over the freshly pressed clothes this time.

Dominatrix torture whats not to like?
She's just a trainee, but she's hoping to become a fully-qualified interrogator.  So she's taking great pains to do the best job she can.  Giving them too.

Monday, June 13, 2011


No, not "Oh, like, wow - that's rilly ossom" but awesome in the sense of inspiring awe: "A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might."

Today's word.  Awesome.  Today's awesome pictures - here we go.

Lesbian femdoms dont like men much
It's not an allergy or anything, she just thinks they're smelly and messy.  Best kept outside.  Actually, she prefers cats.

Caned to tears by the Hunteress
Of course, the magnificent, unique and...well, just awesome, Hunteress.

Femdom wife decides on a little reward
Hmmm...she can break the rules whenever she likes.  On a whim.  How does that make you feel?

Nasty little pervert
And she hadn't even mentioned the body modification yet.

Sadistic girlfriend keeps it simple
Sometimes it's best to just keep it basic: a good hard session of vanilla pain.

A slaves life
Ah, his wild youth, when he was young, free and single.  He once slept in until 8 o'clock you know.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More new endings for old tales

The Prince held the glass slipper in one hand and with the other gently supported Cinderella's foot as it slipped delicately inside.  It was a perfect fit.

He looked up adoringly at the golden-haired vision of loveliness seated in the chair in front of him.
“I knew such a divine creature as you was not born to labour all day in rags” he breathed.  “From this day forward you shall live in a palace, as is your right.”
Cinderella smiled and nodded gently with satisfaction.  Behind her, there was a swirling in the air and her Fairy Godmother appeared.
The Prince hardly noticed, as his gaze was drawn back down to the glass slippers.  The perfect crystal of which they were made concealed nothing of the feet inside.  An elegant ankle was gently cradled by the rim of the shoe, within which Cinderella’s feet arched delicately down to where her toes lay gently clasped within the transparent material of the shoes.  The toes wriggled slightly, and – drawn by an impulse he had never felt before – the Prince’s head slowly inclined forward as he bent down to kiss them.
“What are you doing?” he heard Cinderella enquire, sharply.
He looked up in some confusion.
“I…I’m kissing the dear feet of my bride to be” he replied, awed at the cold beauty of her face.
Cinderella laughed, and kicked him sharply in the chest.
“Bride?  I’m not going to marry you, you idiot.  Marry a man?  Nasty, sweaty hairy things.  Never.”
And she gazed affectionately up at her fairy godmother, who reached down and gently stroked her hair.  She clasped the outstretched hand in hers, and brought it softly to her lips.
“But…but…don’t you want to live in a palace?” the Prince stammered in confusion.
“Of course I do” she replied, scornfully.  “But not by marrying you.  That wasn’t the deal at all – was it Fairy G?  Not in this fairy tale.”
And the Fairy Godmother shook her head, laughing, then waved her wand thrice around and the room filled with purple light.
When the Prince’s eyes recovered, he was amazed at the transformation that he saw.  Above him, in the chair was Cinderella but now dressed as a prince in a suit – his suit! – of jewelled finery.  She stood up, admiring her clothing with satisfaction.  He looked down at his own clothing in confusion.  He was in rags, wearing nothing but a torn and faded dress, with an apron tied around it.  A gentle draught blew through the room as a servant opened the door for Cinderella to leave, and he felt the cold running through him as it curled around and under his skirt, chilling the unprotected regions beneath.
Cinderella turned to look at him.  “The cleaning materials are all in the cupboard below the stairs” she smiled.  “You’ll find it easily enough – it’s where you sleep.”
She turned to one of her servants (his servants!).  “I think I want to interview all of those young ladies we’ve been seeing, all over again.  Have them brought to my bedchamber.  Let’s say…two, no make it three of them each night.”
And with that, she swept out of the room and the Prince was left alone, kneeling on the floor.  But he was not alone for long, as the door to the hall was flung open.
The Prince looked up, to see the two rather statuesque ladies of the house who had earlier tried the slipper, standing before him.  He opened his mouth to speak, but he found it had gone dry.  He looked from one unsmiling sister to the other.  Both were holding whips.

And Cinderella lived happily ever after.  And so did the Prince, really, little pervert that he is.
The end.


An interesting word I found recently, that means pretty much what you'd expect it to mean really.  And it's very, very much what this blog is all about.

femdom bride imposes some vows
Mostly "love, honour and obey" covers it, but she has expanded the "obey" part, providing a bit more detail.  Well - quite a lot more, actually.

Washing her husbands mouth out with soap
I'd tell you what the word was, but I'm nearly out of soap myself.

Totalitarian femdom
Always an optimist, that Orwell.

Femdom party entertainment
Not that it did Fred any good in the long run.

When testicles are negotiable
Men can be so unreasonable.  Alice accepted the compromise after only a few hours discussion.  She's not happy, but she's prepared to accept it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rendering homage

Wife is a bit of an exhibitionist and you're the exhibition
Don't worry.  You can just laugh it all off when you see them all tomorrow at the office.

Even streetwalkers have standards
Actually, it's not as bad as that.  After much pleading, she consented to let Andrew pay to be on the same pavement as her for five minutes, and she even left him with enough money for bus fare home.  Heart of gold.

femdom sister inherits a slave
I think she'll soon get the hang of it, don't you?

No respect for dominated submissive and none deserved
Honesty is very important in a relationship.  Many marriages are just a sham, with no real emotional bond.  That's genuine contempt she's showing there, and she means it wholeheartedly.

Slave maid scrubs and gets a sore neck
Actually, he doesn't know it yet but much worse things are going to happen to him in the future.  The decisions about the brush gag are numbers seven and eight, tops. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Unforced labour

Actually humane killing is the best thing that ever happens to an OWK pony slave
They were so distracted they shot the wrong one first time - a perfectly healthy human pony.  Madame Sarka was cross, as I expect you can imagine.

When your wife puts you in a ball gag theres only one thing to say
Mmmphh pppmmpphh arvvnnnng ggrgh!

Femdom wife submissive husband and two forms of healthy exercise
The exericse bike is good for his legs, carrying the concrete block around is good for his arms and getting the cane is good for his obedience.

Beautiful dominatrices
If you like, you can pace about nervously.  The time'll go quicker than you think - you'll see.

Leather dress high heels whats not to like
She hasn't looked round, either.  Don't worry.  She knows you'll be there.